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An Epic Set That Is Wortht of Any Collection

posted by SHAN3ST3RR (LONDON, KY) Sep 2, 2009

Member since Sep 2009

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Let me just start off by saying that if you like any form of puzzle game buy this and if you like any form of shooting game buy this. I bought the first Metroid game back when it first came out. I didn't actually beat it till about two years later when I FINALLY figured out how to progress. Not to say thats a bad thing, I spent more time on Metroid Prime than any other shooter I can remember. Those are some great memories. Then I bought the second one and never beat it because frankly, it was the hardest game I had ever played.

Ok, now to the trilogy, This is a MUST HAVE for any fan of the series. I know you have heard a million times the same things like OMG there is an art booklet, its in a nice metal case, its got better loading times, and the controls are amazing for all games. Yep, that's ALL true. Not just that, but fans of the series are going to love the freedom they get throughout the first two games. It is truly astounding, the level of imersion you feel while playing the old ones. It literally feels all new with the new controls and works flawlessly. Some things where taken out like the smoke coming out of the barrell when you shoot alot in the first game but thats understandable because there is ALOT in this box set, from achievement coins, to unlockables, to a TON of amazing gameplay and three games that would make anyone smile because of just how great they all are. My least favorite would be the thirrd just because it has to many pparts where you fall, whats up with that? It's stupid, but the third game does make you feel alot more like Samus with all its little things it does.

Graphics-What else can I say, even if all three games where ten years old and we had virtual reality these games will still look great, its there art atyle that makes then so fantastic...

Gameplay- The new controls make each experience brand new. My favorite moment was in the fight against the rock golem thing is Phendrana Drifts I could shoot his parts while he rolle

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Worth Buying!!!

posted by DebLee (ALBERTSON, NY) Sep 26, 2009

Member since Jul 2006

10 out of 12 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

This game is essentially three games in one. Even if you already own the GC games that are included in this trilogy, it's still worth taking a look. All three of the games use the Wii Remote controls, which are fantastic.

Since each one of these games include ENORMOUS worlds that need to be explored, it is safe to say that you won't be beating this game in a week. I will be working on this Trilogy for months before I even get close to completing all games 100%!!!

The game menu allows for separate game files. Each individual game file includes save files for each of the three games in the Trilogy. So you can share the Wii with other people and be able to have your own game file.

NOTE: You do need to have a nunchuck to play this game. And if you want to play M-P Echoes in 2 player mode, you'll need two nunchucks.

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Three Great Games with Impeccable Controls

posted by ThaSquare (ROSEVILLE, CA) Sep 3, 2009

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Member since May 2007

8 out of 10 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

Metroid Prime Trilogy, as the name implies, houses all three award-winning games from Retro Studios. Each game has been tweaked, both control and difficulty-wise, and its fantastic. If you've ever wanted to go back and see what came before Prime 3: Corruption, this is the perfect way to do so.

After playing Prime 3 with the Wii controls, I went back to play the original on the GameCube and it felt so alien. With this game, however, the controls all go over without a hitch.

The amount of gameplay, depth, and fun here make it well worth a looking at. Be you a Metroid fan or a newcomer to the series, you won't be disappointed.

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