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3 for the price of 1

posted by Bl4ck3n3d (ARMAGH, PA) Sep 1, 2009

Member since Apr 2009

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This package is certainly nothing new if you are a Metroid veteran but, if you are like me and aren't this is a great set of games. You get 3 games, all of which are some of the best on the Wii to date, on one disc. Metroid itself is a fun game combining some FPS with some fun puzzles. Overall it's a good experience and definitely worth renting, probably even buying if you are new to the series.

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what can i say ITS METROID

posted by dooger (SYRACUSE, NY) Dec 28, 2009

Member since Jul 2008

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i only rented this game to beat MP:2 ECHOS because i own prime 1 and 3 and rented 2 when it first came out and didn't have enough time to finnish it.
the graphics look about the same, just sharpend up, but the way you attack is the same as prime 3 with the wii-mote. the major improvement is that the doors open when you shoot them, before there was this anoying lag that could coust you life, but in trilogy they fixed this problem, when you shoot the door it opens automatically, if not its only 1 door out of like 70.
so it is just a grouping of the past meroids (obviously "trilogy")
there isn't mutch more i can say..... i guess thats it (10/10)

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Long, silent and worth every cent

posted by Rubic0n (EDMOND, OK) Jul 8, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

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First, it's important to know that this disc includes three full games, each one longer than most other Wii offerings. It will take you at least sixty to ninety hours to see the trilogy to its conclusion.This is a series whose pace is mostly determined by the player, and I recommend you take a while to savor it. Prime, the first installment, isn't a hardcore FPS at the outset (there are some very impressive battles later on) but if you stick with it you'll find a deep, immersive experience that only gets better. While you come out o' the tutorial with very few abilites, do not be discouraged. Every suit and weapon upgrade makes the game a bit better, and this is one of the trilogy's more compelling factors. And once you finish Prime, you'll find the same amount of depth in the darker, atmospherically heavy Echoes, as with the slightly more action-oriented Corruption.

Graphics: Really top-notch, especially considering the first two titles were originally released on Gamecube. In all three, the level design and attention to detail is remarkable, particularly among the various creatures that range from hulking, genetically enhanced space pirates to tiny, water-dwelling fishthings. Some areas are dark and a bit disorienting, though.

Gameplay: Controls are fluid and aiming is a breeze. Not too hectic, but not boring either; the games flows seamlessly between exploration, shooting and puzzle solving.

Story:These are lonely games, with not a word of dialogue and no NPC's in Prime, a single non-Samus humanoid in Echoes, and some Galactic Federation personnel in Corruption. You have to be willing to scan numerous computer terminals and whatnot in order to uncover the overarching plot that spans the entire trilogy. It is enriching, trust me.

Replay Value: A primary playthrough takes 20-30 hours, and after that there are missle and health expansions scattered throughout the game world. 100% completion is a considerable challenge.

Best deal on the market.

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