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Mushy physics, fun theme

posted by heimburg (ORLANDO, FL) Jun 21, 2006

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The game starts out as a really pretty form of pinball, where you bop Samus (in morph ball form) around with flippers. This is probably the toughest part because the physics are a tad bit off compared to other pinball games. The ball doesn't always go where you'd expect it to. If this is your first pinball game, though, I don't think you'll even notice.

It gets better, though. By triggering various things on each level, you can play spontaneous mini-games. For instance, there's "rampage mode", where Samus returns to human form and starts gunning down enemies -- in this mode, she stands perfectly still and you just guide her aim, sort of like a turret.

Another example is the wall-jump mini-game, where you guide Samus up a wall by bouncing back and forth using the traditional Metroid joystick movements. If you're good at Metroid, you'll like this. If you aren't good at Metroid, it might be a while before you get the hang of it.

I would have given it a little higher score but for two things: first, it's kinda hard. You will be at it a while before you figure out how to get off the first level. Second, it crashed twice during my one-week rental. Maybe it was just a flaw in my cartridge, but it was frustrating. The second time it crashed, I lost my progress and had to start over from scratch... so I sent it back. Hopefully you'll have better luck.

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Metroid Pinball, good or bad?

posted by Metroid3 (MORGANTOWN, WV) Dec 24, 2006

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To my point of view,Metroid Pinball was good,not perfect. It is fun playing in Metroid enviorments but the fact that some are extremly hard (such as "PHAZON MINES") gave me too believe it was fun, but sometimes too hard. My true score is 9.6. I recomend this to all pinball,Metroid,and DS fans. If you rent then buy it ,it rocks. I had this game since 12/22/05. Trust me you have a 33% chance of not liking it ( if you are not a Metroid,pinball,or DS fan). In the game you play as Samus Aran,in Morph Ball mode! By earning letters of the word SAMUS you can blast bugs or enemies silly. In multiplayer you play in Magmor Mines only. In the final unlockable arena you play as chozo balls trying to make it in Phazon gaurdians. P.S If you need to find more hints look at CHEATS&CODES on the same page.

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A mostly morph-ball exclusive

posted by imnopoet (NATCHITOCHES, LA) Aug 5, 2009

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I've played most of the Metroid games; some good, some bad, a few amazing. This is one of the more original titles in the Metroid series. Morph ball and pinball seem like such a natural combination, it's amazing this hasn't happened before!

The good news is that there are a few boards that are primarily score based. These boards are inventive and have progressively difficult skill challanges. These boards are quick, and great for those people that don't have hours to invest per gaming session. The variety is cool: there is a spot where Samus changes out of morph ball and you get to shoot at some minor enemies. Some of the challanges are unbalanced, however. One of the enemies is able to grab and hold Samus and spit her out directly at the space between the paddles, effectively killing one of your turns unless you have a shield in place.

The bad news is the "boss" levels. You get one turn to try to kill an over-sized bad guy along with some metroid/space pirates minions to get in your way and drain your health. The minions can be affected by using the bomb function, but it is a clunky feature that feels tacked-on. The bosses are capable of attacks that not only hurt Samus, but drastically change her direction. Often the change of direction involves a flash, so that you can't tell where Samus is until it's too late to do anything about it. The frustration level quickly rises until you stop to go back to the first two boards.

Don't get me wrong, this is a fun game. It has its problems, but it is a good game. The physics work realistically; you can play this game without the tilt function at all (I did). In my opinion, there are not enough boards, but the ones there are fun, varied, and challanging. This is recommended for any fan of pinball, and you don't need to be a Metroid fan at all.

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