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Metroid Prime: Hunters

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Jump higher with Morphball (demo version)

Go into Morphball mode and remain absolutely still. Set all bombs down quickly. Once the bombs explode, immediately change to normal mode. You should jump even higher.

Super Missiles (demo version)

In multi-player mode, get as much of the energies (weapon energies) as you can, then get a the missile. Once obtained hold Fire (when you select the missile icon so that you have missiles) and you will start charging with the missiles.

Charging rocket launcher (demo version)

Obtain the red missile icons two times (in multi-player or single player mode), then hold or tap and hold Fire.

Morph Bombs

When your are in Morph Ball state, the only weapon is Morph Bombs. Morph Bombs perform two things; one is if an enemy runs into them, it will explode and harm them. The other thing is that if Samus is very close to the Bomb at the time of explosion, instead of damaging her, it will launch her up a few feet into the sky. Although the Morph Bombs are unlimited, they _WILL_ take a minute amount of time to reload.

Death Spot in survivor mode (demo version)

When the level starts, turn left. Follow the corridor. You will enter a large open area. Look to the left to see a console and a huge horizontal blue core above it. Jump on the console. If facing the wall, look to the right. (where the caged area is located; it contains a blue ammo pickup). Walk towards the caged area, staying on this raised part of the wall. You will notice a small arch, just big enough for Samus. The back part of the right part of the wall is completely passable. If you walk through it, you will die.

Charging Electro Lob in multi-player mode (demo version)

In Trooper Module, morphball and go to the tiny spacing that launches you to the center. Obtain icon with bombs two times, then charge.