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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption


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Finally, A Wii FPS that rocks!

posted by Kral402 (GRANDVILLE, MI) Sep 25, 2007

Member since Sep 2007

12 out of 14 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

Hands down probably the best game out for the Wii right now. The controls are tricky, only at first. After an hour or two you'll be running around like you had a mouse and keyboard. Lots of puzzles to solve, upgrades to acquire, worlds to explore, creatures to kill and plenty of good boss fights. The graphics are amazing, i didn't know a game on the Wii could look so good. Why has Nintendo been lacking soooo much on graphics when a game can look like this? Anyway, i have nothing but love for this sequel to Metroid. It made a good game even better.

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feels like the frist real wii game

posted by mars188 (BRISTOW, OK) Aug 31, 2007

Member since Dec 2003

13 out of 18 gamers (72%) found this review helpful

metroid 3 feels like the frist real wii game and not a portover. i love the characters talking in the game, this is 2007 and all games should have the characters talking makes it more real. the graphics are great and the boss fights are great. i like the side effects in the game like people getting sucked out of the ship when there is a battle going on with the pirates attacking it makes it feel like you are there. metroid does have a hard learning curve but give the game time its worth it. and i love SAMUS great hero great fighter, so buy the game its hard to go wrong with metroid 3.

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Prime Example of Metroid, and FPS Goodness!

posted by lazygamer (Northridge, CA) Aug 30, 2007

Member since Jan 2003

10 out of 14 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

For years, PC enthusiasts have mocked console control schemes for lack of control when compared to the keyboard and mouse setup. Inverted right analog aiming has been the best we could get, whether it be Xbox, PS2, 360, etc...Well, not anymore. The controls, once the biggest concern with this game is actually perfect. You can circle strafe, locked-on or not, free aim, you have it all. New players can tweak it similar to Metroid Prime controls, but really why bother? Anything less than "Advanced" controls" and you're cheating yourself. But be warned: motion sickness may set-in if you are not used to this much free movement.
So the controls are great, but what does that matter if the game isn't? Trust me, it is. The graphics are great, pushing the Wii finally over into true "Next Gen" quality (instead of looking like recycled Gamecube or Xbox styles).
Voice work is inspired, as are the familiar Metroid sound effects, spruced-up Wii style (the Metroid theme and discovery music are all intact).
New to the scene are unlockable extras, purchased via tokens obtained by performing certain "Achievements" (360, I'm looking slightly in your direction). For example scanning certain enemies or shooting the training droid to "juggle" will earn these tokens and inform you on screen of your "Achievement" (see the theme?). However, I did not see a "Zero Suit" unlockable...
Alas, no multiplayer, but did you really have that much fun playing "Hunters"? It was always about Samus, even though some new bounty hunters do join up with her Justice-League style in this game.
Rent it, keep it, buy it. Do what you must, but if you own a Wii, play this. Come on, MY WIFE wants to play this (and she can, since your game is attached to your Mii, or in 360 terms, your "Profile")!

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