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Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

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Gameplay Controls

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

GamePlay: As you explore, you'll find places to small for Samus to get into. Press the X Button to enter Morph Ball Mode, and roll yourself up into an a heavily armored ball that can squeeze into tunnels, drains, and other tight places.

Control Stick Move Samus. Look Around (With R Button Held).
Control Pad Switch Visors
A Button Fire Beam Weapon (Hold to Charge). Lay Bombs (Morph Ball Mode).
B Button Jump. Gravity Jump (Double-Tap, With Jump Boots). Dash Sideways (While Locked). Activate Boost Ball (Morph Ball Mode).
X Button Switch Between Standard/Morph Ball Modes
Y Button Fire Missiles. Fire Missile Combos (With A Button). Lay Power Bombs (Morph Ball Mode).
Z Button Call Up Map
L Button Lock Onto Enemies. Scan Objects (Scan Mode). Use Grapple Beam.
R Button Look Around (With Direction). Activate Spier Ball (Morph Ball Mode).
C Stick Select Beam Weapon
Start/Pause Pause. View Data Network

Control Stick Rotate Map Display
A Button View World Map/Back to Region Map
Y Button Display Strategic Map Info
Z Button Display/Hide Map
L Button Zoom In/Out
R Button Zoom In/Out
C Stick Move Around Map