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Okay, but not great

posted by Fenster113 (TUCSON, AZ) Sep 7, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

I'm one the few who have not really played any metroid game before, so this was all new to me.

Let's start with the annoying parts of the game.

Refueling health - you have to almost be dead before you can recharge if you are not at a save point. This is just plain annoying especially if you know you are about to go into something big and you are not near death already.

The forced walking - If you are going to play a cut scene, don't make me just walk around to walk to the cut scene. If I can't shoot or do anything, then just take me to the cut scene and stop pissing me off. Giving me the "control" for all of 3 seconds to walk through a door is just stupid.

Unlocking of weapons - I get it, slowly let me play more and more difficult baddies... but having to wait to fail at something for awhile before it's "authorized" is just lame. I gave up before finishing the game so i don't know if you can play again with all weapons unlocked or not, but from the first run through it was lame.

Using the first person view - when it comes to firing a missile, you have to switch to first person. Which is okay, for what it does, but it just seemed like it was using the remote to use the remote in a different way. This could have easily played on the game cube with a button to switch to first person view. In other words, it used the remote but not in a truly unique wii way.

What was good.

It was an entertaining game with your typical find the exit to the room and kill the baddies of the area type of game, with a quite a few minor and major bosses to fight.

It kept me entertained for quite a few hours, but after trying to pass a boss over and over again... or find the exit to a room that you just know is around here somewhere... or "what the heck do you want me to look at?!??!?" it just got old very quickly.

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Metroid Evil

posted by asw878 (ATHENS, GA) Sep 6, 2010

Member since Jan 2009

Metroid via Capcom (I know it's made by Tecmo, but the sensibility is very Capcom), Other M is an interesting game. Some of the new gameplay ideas (sideways Wiimote work), others don't integrate as well. (How about a railshooter next time?) The difficulty curve is skewed (far harder early than it is by the end). Definitely worth a rental; not worth a purchase.

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Enemeis EVRYWHER!!!

posted by Fausett (CHICO, CA) Sep 3, 2010

Member since Aug 2006

Well I'm gonna start out by saying that the graphics are amazing. The graphics are so good, that you have to update your wii to play this game. The voice acting is also right on. The story is well thought out, that is if I could fallow the story and figure out what the main characters goal is. And the controls are kind of simple because you have to have your wii sideways to play. yes, no nunchuck. lol. but you do have to point at the screen from time to time if you want to view your area in first person view and target and shoot. So through the game, the wiimote go's sideways and then point at the screen. So the game is pretty awesome, but of course awesomeness means a lot of kick butt. And I mean A LOT! Really, there's like enemies on every corner of this game. And some barley even give you a fighting chance. And to make it better, the brats are fast. So if your really good about hand-eye coordination, this game will really test you.

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