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Samus Aran, the Character

posted by Aiddon (FORT WAYNE, IN) Sep 12, 2010

Member since Nov 2005

Other M is a bold take on the storied Metroid franchise. After the success of the Prime games Nintendo decided to best thing to do would be to go in a completely different direction with a focus on plot and character, intense combat, and hybrid unlike anything ever seen in gaming recently. The result is a unique, enchanting title with design that raises it above the masses.

Other M is shortly after 1994's Super Metroid and before 2002's Metroid Fusion. Samus has finally beaten her long-standing enemies and the galaxy is at peace. Some time after her excursion on Zebes she responds to a distress call on a research station and runs into a Galactic Federation platoon headed by her old Commanding Officer Adam. The plot is fine, if standard, though there are some questionable moments, sometimes the dialog is dopey, and the cut scenes can drag on for too long (though thankfully not too many do). What saves the game is the characterization of Samus, now fully voiced. She is quite a surprise though, not being what we're used to in gaming. Instead of being a stoic hardcase she brings elements of human frailty, insecurity, and femininity to a dusty archetype that is known for its overly masculine representation. Samus, arguably the most important and iconic game heroine ever, has been given a voice and is something that should be rewarded.

Gameplay is very well-designed. It's classic Metroid at the skeletal level with exploration, though slightly more linear. Combat has been completely overhauled with twitch reflexes being key and the tight control guarantees no frustrations. At any time the player can go to a 1st person perspective to fire missiles or scan the environment for clues though sometimes this can be awkward. The game lasted me around 12 hours and when beaten the player can go back to find hidden items and fight a secret boss.

Other M is one of the best games of '10 and one of the best Wii games. Samus has never been stronger or more human.

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Very Good

Great game

posted by cromostone (UNIONTOWN, OH) Sep 11, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

this game was actually a lot of fun but i thought it would've been like the metroid prime trilogy screenplay. but i like how you move a lot faster and there is unlimited missiles and you can charge up your health. But the negative part is how long it takes to fire a simple missile.

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startup message

posted by jhpayne (ROGERS CITY, MI) Sep 11, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

unplug all controller extensions and hold remote horizontally to continue, use d-pad arrows to navigate

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