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Metroid Fusion

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Gameplay Controls

Metroid Fusion

Control Pad Left / Right = Move. Hold down to dash. Up = Aim Samus's weapon straight up. Climb ladders. Deactivate Morph Ball. Down = Crouch. Climb down ladders. Down, Down = Activate Morph Ball. Left / Up / Right = Grab ladders in mid-jump. Up / Down = Control elevators.
A Button Jump. Left / Right + A Button = Spin Jump. Release Ladders.
B Button Shoot (Fire beam weapons and missles). Charge Shot (Press and hold to charge, release to fire). Drop bombs in Morph Ball mode. Drop Power Bombs (Press and hold the R Button, then press the B Button).
L Button Aim Samus's weapon up at an angle. L Button + Down = Aim Samus's weapon down at an angle.
R Button Ready missiles. R Button + B Button = Fire missiles.
Start/Pause Display map. R Button = Display status screen from map screen. L Button = Display sleep-mode screen from map screen. Select + L + R = Deactivate Sleep Mode.