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COMPLETE GARBAGE - waste of time

posted by fuzzyorange (BOULDER, CO) Dec 11, 2013

Member since Dec 2013

This is the ONLY time I've reviewed anything - ever. This game (expletive) me off so much I had to write. I have so far sat through 40 mins of this sad excuse for a game. IN THE FIRST 40 MINS OF THIS GAME, I've MAYBE played LESS THAN ONE MINUTE of ACTUAL GAME PLAY. Ridiculously long cut scenes that are hard to follow and you cant get out of. You're forced to watch at GREAT LENGTH with a controller in your hand - wondering what you've done to pi$$ off the gaming gods so much that you're forced to sit through this (expletive). Really, put this in the movie section. I don't want to WATCH a game - I WANT TO PLAY IT. I can't believe how worthless this game is. 40 mins so far and less than 1 minute of actual game play. STAY AWAY - SAVE YOUR SANITY The developers clearly did very little on this game. All you needed was a cartoonist and some beer to make the pointless movie that this ended up as.

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Competent, boring and linear

posted by N3v3rw4r3 (WINCHESTER, MA) Oct 20, 2013

Member since Oct 2013

Do yourself a favor and try any 3 of the Stalker games and then try this. even tho they're several years older they're still better. its a rip off pure and simple that lacks creativity or originality.

there is absolutely no openedness in the game design. there are some redeeming moments but they're not worth thinking about.

id take stalkers or fallout in a heart beat over this overrated and money grubbing sham of a game.

rent it if ur curious but otherwise save ur $$$$ unless u can get super cheap.

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GF Rating


Wow - yuck.

posted by DangerBabe (PENDLETON, IN) Sep 3, 2013

Member since Jul 2009

Graphics were nice - until there was so much happening and just SO much crammed into the screen that you couldn't see what was going on. Action was okay, but the storyline left you thinking that you needed to read the book, because it was disjointed and fractured. I didn't mind it being Russian oriented...but the voice acting was still pretty sad, the plot thin and just nothing remarkable to say about it. Maybe the book was a ton better?

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