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Above Average

Probably a great game when it was released

posted by jpwolf (PLANO, TX) Mar 16, 2014

Member since Feb 2007

I just tried to play it (2014) and it probably was a great game, in 2008. But now it just doesn't stand up to the newer games. Sorry, but I just couldn't pretend that it was a new game.

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GF Rating


Survival Horror and Action Go Hand to Hand

posted by tonysum41 (SUN VALLEY, CA) Mar 3, 2014

Member since Dec 2013

Metro: Last Light is an absolute improvement over it's predecessor, Metro 2033. The game play and stealth mechanics were definitely in need of tweaking since Metro 2033. They fixed it and made a masterpiece. My only problem was there were way too many human enemies this time around. Understanding the Metro Lore, you understand that this is a battle between the The Rangers, The Reds, and The Nazis, as each faction wants control of the entire Metro. The mutants are really just there to slow you down, but an encounter in a dark swamp really leaves you feeling helpless as you try to maneuver yourself through it to catch up to your comrades. The moments in the tunnels are always the most frightening and that's where this game truly shines.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Fun for a little while

posted by SinglPlyr (CONCORD, CA) Feb 21, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

Since I played Metro 2033, I felt I had to play Last Light. And it was ok. The world, as in 2033, was amazing. Really believable, well thought out, and truly surrounds you with a post apocalyptic feel. The story definitely continues from the first one, but also takes it's own, sometimes confusing, turn. And not necessarily for the better. The mix of political issues and sy-fi theme are a good thought, but not necessarily done all too well. The stealth aspect of the game starts out to be fun. Finding shadows to hide in, killing soldiers strategically as not to get found out, and finding ways around difficult situations. But it does get quite a bit redundant. I found myself just running into firefights and shooting my way through due to sheer boredom. The soldiers lacked any diversity. All the same easy to kill and not too intelligent AIs. But the monsters did pose a challenge. New monsters, stronger monsters, bigger monsters. For me, that's what kept me playing. Running around the above ground wasteland fighting off hordes of beasts while mud and water kicks up on the respirator mask, all the while trying to manage your air as not to suffocate. All in all, not a horrible game.

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