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Poor Anna

posted by lakenheath72 (WALNUT CREEK, CA) Aug 28, 2014

Member since May 2013

I liked the character Anna. When she travels with Artoyom to the surface, I perceived her as both a Ranger and survivor. I never expected her to become the sexual object of a man. However, after escaping from a destroyed metro station, she wants lovemaking with Artoyom, a man who she deemed as not in her league. Why? Because the world is going to end and she is scared. Huh? This is a world where everday could be the last for a person. There are many ways to die in the Metro and on the surface. Wouldn't she want to fight alongside her fellow Rangers and with her father for the defense of D6?

Though I like most of the elements for this game, and I can tolerate the game-breaking bugs, and I intend to buy Metro Redux for the next generation, I find the depiction of Anna and other women characters perplexing and cringe-worthy.

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More Movie Than Gameplay

posted by 2shoes (RIVERHEAD, NY) Jul 3, 2014

Member since Aug 2008

I hate games that force you to watch & go through stories before you can actually start playing and then throughout it. It may have been good but I lost my patience after watching way too many clips before I was able to shoot anything.

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posted by jaguar7676 (TITUSVILLE, FL) Jun 23, 2014

Member since Nov 2004

Last Light returns you to a Moscow devastated by nuclear war. Humanity, hoping to avoid the dangerous radiation and hideous mutants plaguing the surface, has banded together in the underground metro system. Depending on how you played, Metro 2033 might have allowed you to make an important choice at the game's conclusion.Last Light assumes you chose to destroy the creatures known as The Dark Ones, scorching their home with missiles and scouring them from the face of the Earth. But a creature remains, and as returning protagonist Artyom, you must find this remnant of a race thought extinct, this remnant of a decimated species, though it's unclear whether the right decision is to destroy it or to try to communicate with it. Your Ranger allies certainly desire its annihilation, but Artyom's unique connection to the Dark Ones gives him pause and he is nagged by guilt about the devastation he has wrought. tyom's dilemma brings a sense of personal struggle to a game fraught with brooding emotion. Metro: Last Light punctuates your adventure with moments of dread and shock, as well as with occult visions that make the past come alive before your very eyes. Supernatural themes intertwine with conflicts between underground factions, the horrors of each element providing two equally macabre sides to a single coin. In the confines of the metro, betrayal is common and trust is a commodity. Here, your greatest enemies are your fellow humans, who are unafraid to cheat and steal if it means gaining favor from the right people. On the brutal surface, the beasts are your primary concern; at any moment, a wailing winged demon might grab you with its talons, soar into the air, and drop you into the murky water, far from where your horrific flight began. Last Light is notably superior to its predecessor, merging storytelling, shooting, and sneaking into a remarkable and cohesive whole.

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