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Definatley worth a rent.

posted by DanielD625461 (WINNSBORO, TX) May 23, 2013

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Well as we know not every game is perfect and we probably never will play one that is. The only thing I was thinking when I finished the campaign was what could this team could have done with a major budget and more time. It was solid all the way through and it does give you a sense of urgency in certain parts when you are running out of air and you have to find another filter to put on your mask so you won't die. Multiply that times watching your health and deciding what bullets whether use the regular ones u find or buy or the upgraded ones you can use for currency for more damage to
get out of a bind. The little things like wiping off your gas mask when it would get covered in blood or mud and always watching you watch count
down along with the guns which did in my opinion had a macgyver feel to certain onesmade this game different enough to where I played it through again on hard difficulty because the normal felt a little to easy. The only gripe is that the sound would be delayed for 2 or 3 seconds when I would fire off a shot in a new area I would get to but it only happened a couple of times. Also as with almost every game now a days I wish it was longer tookaround 9 hours on hard difficulty. Tip when you have a chance in the tunnels she you are driving the car that's on rails you pass a group of people and merchants very close to them will be probably 12 to 15 guys you can kill and drop 2 of your guns and pick up 2 of theirs and drive the car backwards to the merchants and sell their guns and you can get close to 600 extra credits or bullets whatever you want to call them don't drop all 3 of your weapons when you pick up enemies ones to sell cause it will only allow you to sell 2 of your 3 guns anyway. This was the only place in the game you can do this that I found plus where you dropped your two guns you had going in will be in the same spot when you come back. Overall its definatley worth a rent.

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Tried to clone FALLOUT, fell short

posted by Chessfu (PORTAGE, IN) May 18, 2013

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Metro is a 1st person shooter, better suited for a 3rd person shooter. Game is set in dark TUNNELS. Unlike FALLOUT, METRO leans heavy on story telling TO MORE STORY.

PROS: Rich graphics, plenty of bad guys, decent story, controls easy to master, weapons are ok at best.

CONS: Very dark, flash light useless, no real mapping systems, you can get stuck in dark area with no clue what to do next, 1st person limits ability to defend in tight places. No way to skip stuff you have seen before.

This's how bad the tunnels are, you take off down a side track and after wasting 40 shells on various beast. Tunnel curves right back were you started.
This operates more as a rail game. Every now and then you get to explore.

I waited a long time for this game. I thought it would better. Unlike FALLOUT and other such RPGs. Not many choices to be made in METRO.

Mainly, it's a good rental.

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posted by halloween84 (SMITHFIELD, PA) May 13, 2013

Member since Feb 2012

5 out of 22 gamers (23%) found this review helpful

This games graphics deserve a perfect 10 let alone the story and gameplay just wish it had multiplayer other than that its great

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