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GF Rating


Fun but has some issues

posted by tsulli2005 (FRANKLIN, TN) Jul 5, 2013

Member since Feb 2012

We will start with the good. This game was really fun to play and I loved the concept behind it. Lets clear some things up aside from being post apocalyptic this game isn't like fallout. It's not open world, and being out in the open above the tunnels is a scary place. I like the realism they added to the game with having to have a gas mask and filters when above ground. It adds to the suspense. The fact your mask can break in combat is also very cool. I like how the flashlight, compass, and night vision goggles require a battery, that you have to pump to recharge. The fact you can go stealth with the ability to turn or shoot out lights to not be seen is also a really cool feature.The game setting does a great job if immersing you and the environments while not the best I've seen still hold up. With that said there are things that bring you out of the experience. Console freezing and lag happened a few times on me (only once where I had to turn my system off). Lag is much more frequent. When in conversation or someone's speaking in game it's hit or miss whether there mouths move (not consistent). The voice acting isnt great. Enemy AI is rather dumb, not noticing you when your right next to them. I had issues where my gun was loaded and would get stuck zoomed in or it wouldn't fire until I switched guns and switched back. Real fun when your in amidst a gunfight with the enemies. Regardless the bugs weren't enough to derail the whole experience but enough to knock it down a point or so. It's worth a rent, not something I'd want to have for a second play through.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Mediocre FPS

posted by Izzy_Duzit (MIAMI SPRINGS, FL) Jun 27, 2013

Member since Sep 2012

Story: The game is a direct sequel to the PC-exclusive, Metro 2033 in which it centers around a post-apocalyptic Russia. The country was affected by a nuclear holocaust that killed many people and forced survivors to take refuge in the subterranean tunnels and Metro stations. The surface is now only habitable to mutated creatures from the radiation that were formally animals. The air is toxic and people can only walk the surface with a gas mask on. Beneath the ground, there are vast networks that are inhabited by different groups of people and factions. However, there is a civil war occuring between them, and the protagonist, Artyom is in the middle of it all. The start of the game has Artyom go on a mission to find a creature called "The Dark One", which is described to be an alien-like being with telepathic powers. The game revolves around his quest to find it and all the dangers he encounters along the way.

Graphics/Controls: The graphics and controls are solid, but nothing eye-popping. The lighting in this game or lack thereof often overshadows the graphics and aesthetics, which isn't necessarily a negative thing because it is an distinctive element in the game. The control sensitivity is alright and have the standard default and tactical button layouts for FPSs.

Gameplay: Metro: Last Light is a FPS in a predominantly linear and dark environment. The player is able to wield up to 3 weapons that can be upgradeable at markets in certain areas by spending currency in the form of a special type of ammo. In addition, the player carries 4 subweapons (i.e. grenades) and special equipment such as a gas mask. The game features looting, which is an important mechanic in this game due to ammo scarcity and the need to keep your gas mask filter timers high. Occassionally, the player is required to be on the surface in order to get to a certain destination. Enemies consist of both humans and mutated creatures but their AI isn't that great.

Overall, the game is ok

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GF Rating


Didn't get far

posted by Reks (FRESNO, CA) Jun 23, 2013

Member since May 2011

The intro was quite long, and similar to the first game the NPC's take their time explaining things and walking to waypoints. Started the game, boarded the subway train... and as it turned the NPC Anna, pushed me outside the train. I was able to still move around as it continued to move down the tunnel, but when it stopped, I was stuck outside of the train. Couldn't get back in, so I reloaded the checkpoint... and found myself still stuck outside the train. Took the game out of my PS3, and returned the game. Too bad, I liked the first one. SKIP this game by all means.

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