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GF Rating


almost perfect

posted by squid57 (RENTON, WA) Apr 7, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

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This games was amazing. Easy as that. The graphics are great. I also love how low ammo you have. It makes you feel like you cant finish the level(and that fellings not bad). The storyline is great it isnt the best but it does pull you in, in its own twisted way.
The replay value is high. You can play it over and over if you use different difficulties. Plus theirs lots of places you can explore and find more ammo, gas mask, filters etc. There may not be lots of weapons but there is lots of variations of those guns. Such as scopes, laser pointers, bayonets etc.
Overall its a great game. But, the lack of weapons and enemys you can actually fight, makes it repetative. So if you like semi-linear games with a chilling atmosphere(btw the atmosphere is great) than this is the game you want to get.

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GF Rating


Holy dang

posted by Dequire (BELSPRING, VA) Jun 12, 2012

Member since May 2012

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I'm not sure what I expected when I went to play this game, but it wasn't this. It's like Fallout in a more realistic setting with more probable outcomes. It's an INCREDIBLY entertaining game that I HIGHLY suggest buying. The scenery is rather great, the guns are good and realistic, ammo consumption is high but you can often scavenge off of a looter's corpse or find hide outs in the areas above on the land that you can steal ammunition, filters, gas masks and etc from. You take too much damage and your mask starts to break, forcing you to hunt around for a new one so you can properly see.

Mutated creatures often have scouts sent ahead to look for anyone and threats, along with traps set by bandits, making sneaking a viable option, or just running through and using up ammo.

Money is old military cartridges. They have more stopping power, they're shinier, and over all making them quite useful in comparison to the current grubby catridges. However, in a pinch, you can use them as upgraded ammo for assault rifles, though that's much like shooting money, so you better watch your shots or be careful not to run out of ammunition.

Traveling in between Metro's can be a pain, but is extremely useful. I'm only an hour into the game and the storyline is already quite interesting and has me guessing. I'm looking forward to getting through the whole game! I REALLY suggest buying this. My only downside to this is that the shotguns seem a little.. underpowered/not very satisfying to fire due to the low noise and kickback.

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GF Rating


Great stealth game and a good paced story.

posted by wanderingvlad (MODESTO, CA) Jan 31, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

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Half the reviews here give this game a bad rap but the way they dis the game made me think that theyre mad at the realism of the combat because you cant be almost dead and then wait 2 seconds and then take another 50 rounds. this is a great game for stealth but if you charge in guns blazing without stopping to think your gonna die alot more than if you take a stealth approach. once you figure out sneaking through and eliminating targets it will be alot easier if your discovered,the game keeps you on your toes and has bone chilling moments if you havent played the game, though the story is great it takes time when you die by making small mistakes in combat and you have to be smart about your actions when your sneaking through a heavily guarded stations along your journey.

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