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GF Rating


Scary Game about time

posted by mars188 (BRISTOW, OK) Apr 18, 2010

Member since Dec 2003

Well here we have another Game that alot of people wont put in the time to find all the Great Gaming Metro has to offer- Are its not like M.W. 2 No M.P. Offering Are the Guns are not the best - Yawn Yawn all Games cant be M.W. 2 And thank God they are not- You can get better guns latter on in the game they work very good- Metro does capture Great Amsphere from being out in the deep Cold of Russia trying to find Filters for your Air-Mask before you Run out and die a awful death- Trying to find your wayout- the Monsters to the Germens trying to stop you- looking for Ammo trying to survive- Metro Captures this Feeling like Gaming Magic- For me at this point this is my Game of the Year at this point i have never been bord with Metro 2033 - Its a Real Treat to see a scary Game In March- Worth a buy in my view- No its not a perfect Game but not many Games can Claim that Title

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GF Rating


wow oh wow

posted by IzakGt (AUSTIN, TX) Apr 18, 2010

Member since Oct 2009

Weeman 0313 nailed it. I have not even made it half way through the game when I realized WOW attention to detail! I wondered what have game fly user reviews said about this game it can't possibly be bad!?!? Just as I thought great reviews so far. IT SEEMS and I'm not sure because I've only played it maybe for a couple hours but it seems that even guns have their own process of reloading them. What I mean is that even loading the shotgun has its own technique and its not just cr'a'ck the barrel open and jam some shells in there and you are ready to go, nope there is more to it! I'm not sure if all guns are that unique but they have put A LOT of detail into it. It is such a nice surprise to find a game SO WELL put together, and have had very little commercial runtime. Or at least 'I' never saw a whole cr'a'p load of commercials for it. The most I saw any trailers for it where on GAME FLY! It seems like a diamond in the rough, I hope its a long game! I guess we'll found out! I'll still give it a 10 because I'm confident I will not be disappointed, DESPITE how Weeman is absolutely correct about the voice clashing! Annoying as it is I will look past it and give it a well deserved 10 even going out on a limb and having not beat it yet mind you!

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GF Rating

Above Average

A could have been great game marred by severe bugs

posted by altra4u (CHANDLER, AZ) Apr 17, 2010

Member since Dec 2008

OK so you play as Artyom in Soviet underground. Cool. Nice graphics, an alive world, nice monsters all good. However the fact that single handedly destroys this game is its buggy combat. The guns as some have mentioned to be as weak are not just weak but the hit mechanic is horribly flawed. The same guy that dies in 2 shots can take up 20 shots instead, all because it was moving( playing an animation). This game can take frustration to unprecedented level not surpassed only by the likes of The force unleashed and the latest bionic commando. Too bad I purchased this game day one along with god of war 3. These guys had guts releasing the same day.

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