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Metro 2033


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Metro 2033

posted by WTTChadW (WOODLAND HILLS, CA) Apr 20, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

The camera is erratic, and it was odd that sometimes you were in control of your character and sometimes you weren't.
I did like the gun mechanics and the battles that ensued with people, the A.I. was right on track, but the animals were way to difficult to kill in my opinion, I got frustrated early on in the game dying so much trying to kill the rat like creatures during the first 6 levels, that I couldn't imagine playing through another level, so I sent it back.
I thought the story was slow.
I wont be recommending this game.

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Metro 2033

posted by kitsuragi (CASTLE ROCK, CO) Apr 19, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

Metro 2033 take the post apocalyptic stories and does a great job of blending them into a neat little package. the weaponry is a great concept in that very few people own an AK. the game does keep you on your toes with things and areas in the game where you can instantly die if your not careful. Now unfortunately The game play thou nice take a very bad turn in difficulty for that even on easy you will die in three hits from a mutant and the higher difficulty the less hits you can take. This does take away from the enjoyment of the game and makes it more of a headache then a fun FPS. Overall the game is solid but it is not a buy game no more then a rent and a return

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Scary Game about time

posted by mars188 (BRISTOW, OK) Apr 18, 2010

Member since Dec 2003

Well here we have another Game that alot of people wont put in the time to find all the Great Gaming Metro has to offer- Are its not like M.W. 2 No M.P. Offering Are the Guns are not the best - Yawn Yawn all Games cant be M.W. 2 And thank God they are not- You can get better guns latter on in the game they work very good- Metro does capture Great Amsphere from being out in the deep Cold of Russia trying to find Filters for your Air-Mask before you Run out and die a awful death- Trying to find your wayout- the Monsters to the Germens trying to stop you- looking for Ammo trying to survive- Metro Captures this Feeling like Gaming Magic- For me at this point this is my Game of the Year at this point i have never been bord with Metro 2033 - Its a Real Treat to see a scary Game In March- Worth a buy in my view- No its not a perfect Game but not many Games can Claim that Title

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