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posted by DaTraxx (GAHANNA, OH) May 3, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

This has to be one of the worst 360 games I have ever played. I tried to like it. I kept thinking this has to get better. But it did not. I forced myself to play it for 2 hours. The stale dialog, horrible mechanics, and C- graphics just got to me. I will be returning it tomorrow. I am sure glad I rented this. That would have been a big waste of $60.

This game is another reason why GameFly rocks.

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Above Average

Not bad

posted by kojakstar (COOPER, TX) May 2, 2010

Member since Jun 2008

Too many cut scenes to be exciting. The cut scenes were about as long as the actual game play, especially in the beginning of the game.

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Game that could have been a massive hit

posted by flyboy8498 (ELIZABETHTOWN, KY) Apr 22, 2010

Member since Aug 2009

I'm not going to hash out the story of Metro 2033, save to say it was a great one. U fight humans & some ugly looking beast things w/ not a lot of weapon types & even less ammo. That's the point of the game though, the game wants U 2 ration your ammo & use it wisely. This is not a run & gun, hose down the enemy at all cost w/ all of your ammo game. There's some strategy to it.

The graphics are good, & even better w/ the gas mask on u. Honestly I expected worse.

There's some variance of things to keep u fairly entertained. I think there could have been more, but that's a personal opinion. It would have made the game a lot better w/ more replay value if the designers would have simply added some things to find along the way.

Here is my MAJOR problem w/ Metro 2033: It's EXTREMELY linear. Unless u are scavaging for ammo, gas mask filters or something of the such there's absolutely no need 2 deviate from the compass. This game could have been a hit of 2010 w/ just some simple additions to the game to make it not SO linear. There's absolutely no choices at all in the game 4 the player 2 make along the way save 4 what kind of weapon he/she is going 2 use on the level. We have seen so many non-linear great games in the past few years that I though linear games were a thing of the past. Obviously not, because Metro 2033 is as linear as it gets.

There's no multi-player so once u beat the story you're done with the game. There's no need to go back & re-play the story unless u are REALLY dying 2 see the entire game over again, & I wasn't. It would have been cool 2 add some kind of multi-player 2 add at least a sliver of replay value.

There are some very original pieces to Metro 2033; such as the gas mask usage, weapons, no-hud (for realism), & story. However, those just do not make up for the glaring faults. Replay value is as low as u can go. There's no multi-player. Graphics are good, but nothing 2 write home about.

Metro 2033 is a rent, at best.

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