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Very Good

Very bleak, very creepy

posted by DDDLOTS (PUEBLO, CO) May 8, 2010

Member since Jun 2009

Its been awhile since a video game got me to really jump out of my chair (Original Resident Evil). But there are moments in Metro 2033 that harken back to the old school survival horror days.
I write this review shortly after finishing the game and I have to admit my fingers are somewhat sore from clutching my controller so hard.
Anyway here's what I like:
Atmosphere. Not since Bioshock has a game had a truly fleshed out, lived-in setting. Metro 2033 really sells the post-apocalyptic struggle for humanity's survival.
Sound effects. The game does a great job of utilizing surround sound. If you don't have surround sound you're really missing out. Definitely adds to the creep factor.
Realism. Everything from the bullet management/currency to the hand charger for your battery makes this game stand out. I really liked having to pump the pneumatic rifles before firing a shot. Best of all the control scheme never feels complicated or redundant.

Here's what I disliked:
Ending. I'm not going to ruin it but the game has two endings and neither makes sense. I read another gamer's existential summation of the ending and that confused me even more.
Game length. Another 5 hours would have really gone a long way toward making the game feel complete. As it is expect about 10 hours of gameplay.
Physics engine. I try not to complain about programming because I'm technologically illiterate, but this deserves some spite. The graphics are really great as are the character/enemy animations but when enemies die they turn to wood. At first it was comical then it got annoying.

All said Metro 2033 is worth checking out. THQ is really picking up momentum in quality titles. Hopefully they will the next David to do battle with the Goliaths like Activision and EA.

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GF Rating



posted by DaTraxx (GAHANNA, OH) May 3, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

This has to be one of the worst 360 games I have ever played. I tried to like it. I kept thinking this has to get better. But it did not. I forced myself to play it for 2 hours. The stale dialog, horrible mechanics, and C- graphics just got to me. I will be returning it tomorrow. I am sure glad I rented this. That would have been a big waste of $60.

This game is another reason why GameFly rocks.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Not bad

posted by kojakstar (COOPER, TX) May 2, 2010

Member since Jun 2008

Too many cut scenes to be exciting. The cut scenes were about as long as the actual game play, especially in the beginning of the game.

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