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GF Rating


Too much Lost Planet

posted by Soldarith (WEST CHESTER, PA) May 12, 2010

Member since Apr 2009

While the graphics were top-notch and the story was fantastic, I could not pull myself together to play this title much longer than a few hours before sending it back.

- The gas mask filter changing felt too much like Lost Planet's annoying fuel/thermal upkeep while outdoors.
- Movement in the environment, especially outdoors in/around radiation pools is horrid.
- There are invisible walls everywhere. If you try to explore too far on your own, you will only be met with frustration as you run into another invisible wall, often blocking your ability to get out of radiation because you "went off course".
- I could not put myself into the character; perhaps it is because I am western and the story is Russian.
- Every single character in the game is very lackluster; no one really stands out or makes you really "care" about them.

- Fantastic story and background
- Wonderful graphics
- Well-done on the lighting features of the game (a' la Dead Space)
- Weapons are creative
- Currency/ammo system is creative

With average gameplay, outdoor upkeeps, and fairly nice visuals, I have to rank the game a 5/6. For me personally, however, the upkeeps and inability to actually explore the outdoor areas frustrated me into sending this one back early.

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GF Rating


Nothing spectacular

posted by juicedaman (NORTHBOROUGH, MA) May 11, 2010

Member since Apr 2007

Metro 2033 is a fun game if you like linear shooters with mediocre stories. The weapons in the game were interesting, especially the pneumatic ones, and I liked how bullets were your source of money, since it made you think twice about opening up on enemies with a machine gun. Metro 2033 did not add much new to the shooter genre besides that, but was an enjoyable game to play through.

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GF Rating


Wandering the lost tunnels

posted by skiergamer (TRUCKEE, CA) May 10, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

If you like games that are extremely creepy and have a great story, this game is for you. This game makes bioshock and left 4 dead look like rides at disney land. Still, depends on what you are looking for.

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