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GF Rating

Very Good

Replay value low, but still awesome

posted by Backpack (CLOVIS, NM) Mar 20, 2010

Member since Jun 2008

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Pros: 1) Story is awesome. Not only are you fighting some ugly beasties, you're fighting human enemies 2) Not a lot of weapon types, but a lot of variations to the weapons (buy a silenced version, a scoped version, et cetera) 3) Graphics are better than expected. Lighting is first thing I noticed. Muzzle flashes light up the dark tunnels appropriately and man-made lights can be destroyed which leads to 4) This game covers a lot of different types of action. One minute, you're shooting your way through a ton of "dark ones" then next you're shooting lights out with your silenced revolver and with your NVGs on trying to eliminate soldiers without alerting the whole station. This variance in action easily keeps you entertained.

Cons: 1) Gameplay is very linear. You will only need to deviate from your compass when you need to find ammo, gas mask filters, et cetera. Developers should have added hidden items to find throughout the story to keep you from flying through and help with making you explore the dark tunnel systems 2) No multiplayer. Would have loved to play a multiplayer match where you and some friends have to defend a station from the hundreds of attacking "dark ones". Or even a stealth/espionage-type multiplayer match to try to silently take out key players on the opposite side.

There are a lot of elements to this game that make it very original (gas mask, tunnel-born weapons, story) and these are all things I love. For the things you've probably already have read: The whole "no-HUD" thing really doesn't affect you except for looking at your map and checking time left on your gas mask filter. Ammo status is still on display in corner. I took the crosshairs off to really enjoy the graphics and add to the realism. Currency is your ammo, but more specifically, ammo you do not need to use. Gas mask will add to the pressure of being above ground but by no means a menace.

Replay value is low, but overall a great game. FPS fans should enjoy...

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GF Rating

Very Good

Underrated and overlooked

posted by EmperorHess (GIBSONIA, PA) Apr 17, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

33 out of 35 gamers (94%) found this review helpful

In a world where cookie-cutter games like Call of Duty are given all the money and publicity, it kind of bothers me that a game like this gets overlooked.

This game is as immersive as they come for a non-rpg title. Even more so than Fallout at times. (one of my faves) You have to change your gas mask filters, have to pump your air-rifle, have to recharge night vision goggles manually, etc. This is a highly innovative game.

There are some frustrating parts here and there. While many games today are guilty of babying the player and hand-holding, I do think the game couldve done a better job of explaining and teaching you certain things. You will die a few times just trying to figure out how to do simple tasks. At times I was very confused about who my friends were, they all seemed to look and sound exactly the same. And why are there nazis in future, apocalyptic russia? And why are they all russian? Those minor grudges aside, I was very surprised at how well this game was made. You truly feel like you are in a desolate and scary future world, scrapping together ammo and filters, trying to get through the tunnels alive.

I really didnt expect to like this as much as I did. It was one of those... "Eh, Ill throw this on the Q so gamefly can send me another old game I dont really want to play that much." But wow, I ate my words. It really was great.

Graphics - Decent, not great. Art direction was top-notch though.
Story - Great pacing, simple, not convoluted.
Immersion - Cant stress this enough. Bravo.

Story - Perhaps too linear.
Buying/selling - I found there were too few shops to really take advantage of them. And currency was too scarce.
Guns - While I liked that they kept the arms realistic, a little more variety wouldve been fun.
Advertising - Plastering the cover of your book is kinda shameless and takes away from immersion

In conclusion, if you think youd like fallout in a more linear, streamline form, give this one a shot. Thumbs up!

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GF Rating

Very Good

A Walk Through the Tunnels to remember

posted by takumisama (FLORISSANT, MO) Mar 18, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

48 out of 54 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

For such an ambitious project as Metro 2033 was, it remained focused. The aspects of the game, like using a stopwatch to time the intervals between gas filters, and the mini cut-scenes with anomalies gave the game an intrigueing and somewhat ethereal dimension. The controls were simple, and if you've ever played any FPS you'd be right at home. Graphics were detailed, though at times you can find about 5 women who looked exactly the same in the same huddled crowds by the gates.

For all these aspects which were really well done, and adapted from the story well, there were a few gameplay issues that I saw. Premierely, the pacing. I think with any great game the pacing needs to be right, and there was little-to-no pacing in this game. Some may call it linear, but I think that doesn't QUITE describe it. I would like more time in cities and in the tunnels, with more creativity given to the navigation and survival of the tunnels--and more dialouge, interactions and maybe sidequests available in the cities. Too many times you wander in to one place, with the only goal of rushing out (while I understand for most of the game you're trying your damndest to make it one place quickly--I still like to explore).

I also didn't like that there were many random deaths--and the tutorials were most times...lacking in detail (i.e. you died because of a ghost, turn on a light FAIL). Now I won't claim that most everyone will die the bizzare amount of times as I did in some of the anomalie cut-scenes or looking for gas masks after being pummelled by a slew of rabid mere-cat looking monstrosities, BUT perhaps a little more tutorial wouldn't have gone unnoticed.

Overall the game plays smooth, and it will be a sleeper hit, not to the caliber of Borderlands, but boasting a better story, and if nothing else, a very good era game with entertaining (sometimes cliched) voice-acting and character designs. For your brief stay in Post-Apoc Russia, you'll enjoy your visit

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