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Mediocre game mechanics, but lots of fun multiplay

posted by heimburg (ORLANDO, FL) Apr 22, 2006

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At it's core, this game is about getting three identical blocks next to each other so they can fly away. They actually sprout little engines and fly up the screen. In fact, this is where lots of the gameplay comes in. Depending on the level (world) you're on, and how many blocks are sitting on top of them, gravity may keep the blocks from getting all the way off the screen. The blocks' little rockets may give out too soon, and they'll tumble back to the bottom of the screen again. In order to get the pieces completely off the screen, you often need to get several groups together so that their rockets complement each other.

As mechanics go, it seems so-so. For some reason, though I played it for many hours, I never really got hooked. There is some depth there, but it's just not as interesting or as challenging as, say, a Tetris game. (Your mileage may vary.) However, when you're playing multi-player, this game really shines. The pacing improves considerably, and you get some really fun matches. I think multi is what this game is really all about. So it's a shame that it doesn't have wi-fi...

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posted by lsafford34 (CALDWELL, ID) Aug 4, 2008

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I really thought there was no skill involved in the is game - pretty boring.

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One of the most original puzzlers in years

posted by koolkittie (WARRENVILLE, IL) Apr 16, 2006

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Ever since Tetris became a hit, people have been trying for a "next tetris". From collums, to puyo pop, to puzzle leauge. They've overall all been good, but this is when it really gets good.

I ordered Meteos, hering critical aclaim for it. I was a little bit worried that I wouldn't like it. Man, was I wrong. This is the most original puzzler in ages!

The best way to sum up the greatness we call meteos is this. It is the Super Smash Bros. or puzzle games. You spend the story-modish star trip traveling through planets and fighting them, (I think). When you align three of the colored meteos, rockets ignight. You have to keep the meteos flying then so it can leave the atmosphere. When it leaves you can use it to attack the oponent. If Meteos stack to hight, bbbbbbbbbbbb'boom!!! A nova destroys your planet. In the hard points, this is an amazing concept, in multi you can easily have and empty screen and then 20 seconds late be hanging on for dear life!

And there is also the multiplayer! It is breathtakingly fun. Not much can be said but that it is probably oneo f the best parts of the game. It could have used more modes, though.

The graphics during gameplay are rather meh. I like 'em anyway though as each planet has different art styles on the meteos. During the intro graphics that can easily par or even best your average console game.

And the music. THe finely orchestrated music, western themes, techno, rock. The music is beautiful! Every planet has different music,too. In this game, you can find some awesome music!

once you get the hang of it, you'll be consuming hours!9/10
Graphics: Awesome in intro, average otherwise. 8.5/10
Sound: beautiful orchestras to heavy metal, awesome. 9.5/10
Lasting appeal:Playing this in 2015 is rather likely! 10/10
Full score (not an average)
Could have used wi-fi, and more modes, but still, meteos is a DS best buy

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