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Really Bad

Disney & Meteos don't mix.

posted by UnityK (AKRON, OH) Mar 19, 2007

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I admit that I'm not a HUGE Meteos fan. I enjoyed the original Meteos enough and I like puzzle games (and most Disney), so I thought that I'd give Disney: Meteos a try.

I was highly disappointed in the combination of the two. While the added "storyline" was available, it was not well-executed. The charm of Kingdom Hearts was missing here. The Disney characters seemed like add-ons, and you never get to enjoy the pictures on the other side of the screen if you are concentrating on the game on the right side.

The game is also considerably easier thanks to the additional of horizontal movement. I still don't think it's EASY ENOUGH FOR CHILDREN, who would probably be the only ones who can wade through the horrible story "woven" by Disney.

I did like that the game uses the DS "book style." It made holding the DS a little harder for me (I am left-handed), but gave a better view of the screen.

One BIG complaint -- some of the character tiles look WAY too much alike. For the Toy Story books, the girl doll and the pig were too hard to tell apart. Both were pink and bloblike. This was not an issue in Lion King or Nightmare Before Christmas (which I really LOVED the block designs).

The score would have been higher if I hadn't completely lost interest in the game in a few hours. I beat the easy and medium levels, then decided that washing dishes would be more fun than playing this game anymore.

Nice idea; lousy execution.

This may be a good rental if you just want to see the game. Stick with the original Meteos and Kingdom Hearts if you want a puzzle game or a Disney game.

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GF Rating


Gets Old, Quick

posted by K33KAT (LOUISVILLE, KY) Oct 28, 2012

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Its a fun game but i become bored quickly because there isn't enough challenges.

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ok for children

posted by miainsult (POTEET, TX) Jan 24, 2008

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Meteos disney magic is a good game for children to play. It has all their favorite characters and is also a great time passer. Children will most definately be amused by this game. Adults and teens might find it useless and a waste of time.

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