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Metal Slug 3

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On the first miniboss on lv.5, MAKE SURE YOU STILL HAVE YOUR HELICOPTER OR JET. Also make sure you have at least 5 bombs. Keep shooting him until the boss comes out, WITH THE VEHICLE. As soon as he comes out, go right above his head. Do it quick because he doesn\'t want you to go up because that\'s his weakness. Drop a couple bombs right on his head. \"See you in *!$?\" he will say. Make sure you grab his heavy m.gun. It isn\'t the box with the H. It\'s the actual gun. You will need it for this next part. BUT, you are still about 4 minibosses away from the Giant boss. GOOD LUCK! :p

1 Grenade For 10

Right before the first miniboss on lv.5, is a guy and an armored tank floating in a hot air balloon. This guy can really tick you off if you don't know how to kill him. All you have to do is go beneath him and throw a bomb. WALA! he is dead, BUT, you must quickly fly up to the guy before the balloon floats away. For some reason he can't hurt you. But if you get there quick enough, you'll get 10 more grenades.

Continue game play

Upon losing every life except for one in arcade mode, press Start on controller two to continue the game using that player.

Cure zombie or mummy status

To turn back from a zombie to a human, use the Med-Kit item found in enemies or boxes. To turn back from a mummy to a human, find the bottle of Holy Water found in enemies or boxes.

Helper monkey

Throughout the game you will find a wooden crate containing a monkey wielding a gun who will help you fight enemies. REMEMBER: Do not rely on the monkey helping all the time. Sometimes he will stop to pick his nose and do other things.

Secret Area - Level 3

In level 3 you will see the first explosion that will go until you see rockets shooting at you for the first time if you swim to the farleft then go down you enter a tube that leads to a secret area