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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes


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GF Rating

Above Average

Basically a demo

posted by miscperson (HONOLULU, HI) Sep 17, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

It's hard to rate this game because it is so short. I beat it in under 30 min and it can be finished quicker than that. This gane is basically a demo. I'm glad I had Gamefly to rent this because it is not worth buying. I give it a 8 based on the mechanics and Gameplay but a 4 because the shortness and the fact Konami actually tired to sell it for $30 new. Also the graphics are not impressive considering its on a next gen console. This game should of been a free demo. You can finish this in 10 min of you skip the cuts scenes.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Still got it!

posted by edstroke (SICKLERVILLE, NJ) Sep 8, 2014

Member since Oct 2010

Any fan of Metal Gear Solid will love this demo/game to prepare them for MGS 5 proper---my only gripe about this game/demo is that it is super thick on exposition. The story is starting to get in the way of good ol' fashion gameplay. Let me play it, Konami! The assault on Mother Base; I should have been able to play at least a little of it! I enjoyed the CQC beat-down button and the REFLEXmode, great additions to Snake's skillset! Big set piece action scenes were a little CALLofDUTY-ish but let us play it, Kojima...Big Boss is a certifiable bad-you-know-what and I wanted to partake in that bad-assery! Other than that, it runs butter smooth on the PS4 and all the graphical bells and whistles are present and accounted for! All in all I give it a 'solid' 8.5 close to 9-- Can't wait for the PHANTOM PAIN...

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GF Rating


Some people don't understand what this game is

posted by joshakasupa (KIRKLAND, IL) Sep 7, 2014

Member since Nov 2011

This is a prequel, or a taste, of MGSV. The main story is about an hour long, then there are many variations of the main mission.

The gameplay is great, an awesome variance from the "h-heh i shoot u die calladooty!" and focuses on strategy and stealth. The graphics are also about the best we have on PS4 right now.

I rated it a 9, but to someone who doesn't enjoy MGS for what it is, and doesn't realize that this is basically a paid demo, will probably not enjoy it much.

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