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AMAZING, But don't buy it

posted by Joel23 (FRANKLIN, OH) Apr 1, 2014

Member since Dec 2009

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THERE IS ONLY ONE MISSION THAT LASTS AT MOST AN HOUR. Don't pay for 1/2 of a full game ($30) for 1/50 of what the full game will be.

Everyone needs to realize this. As for me I had no idea it would be this short. Now that covers all of the bad.

Now I'll just list the good: Controls are by far the best in any Metal Gear game. There is a button, stick, or trigger for anything you could possibly want to do.

They are also the best of all games that I have played. Graphics are best of all console games I've played so far. Movements are so incredibly realistic there is nothing videogamey about them.

Cut scenes are intense.

Level design, for the first time ever, allows for TRUE tactical freedom. I've played through the one mission multiple times and I found a totally different way to do the mission each time.

Gameflyers, go ahead and rent this because it's essentially free for us. Everyone else... go watch a play-through.

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Really Bad

Over before it starts

posted by TheFilth (WATERTOWN, NY) May 4, 2014

Member since Dec 2010

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Alright I'm going to split this into parts, there really isn't that much to say though really. The game is over before it even gets a chance to get going. The main mission is literally over in about an hour. Then you unlock sub missions which are just not enough to make this game good on any level.

I'll start out with what the game has going for it.

- Decent stealth gameplay.
- Variety of options in completing the mission. (theres only one aside from unlockable side missions)
- Graphics are up to speed for this title, for the most part.
- You can use vehicles, though the feel of them is far from anything spectacular, but it's fair.
- You can interrogate enemies to get additional information out of them.
- The storyline comes out strong and is very compelling... And then it's instantly over.
- The interfaces are good, and the collectibles interesting, too bad you don't even have enough time to play the game to even use them hardly at all.

Now that that's out of the way.

- The crosshair definitely isn't the greatest at all.
- The gunplay definitely isn't on level with what I believe it could be.
- The game is way too short, how are you even going to release something like this?
- Millers voice actor has forced emotion in the helicopter, and it doesn't feel real at all.
- You can't get a feel for the story because it's over before it starts.

Seriously - Never buy this game, might be worth a rent. I wouldn't pay $5 for 1 hour gameplay, no matter what. - Extremely glad it was rented, despite the disc having fingerprints all over it when it arrived.
- How can you justify one hour of gameplay for the main story? 2-3 tops if you really take your time. Possibly less than one if you don't.

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posted by nakwide (LA PLACE, LA) May 3, 2014

Member since May 2014

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This is nothing more than a demo. 1 hour of play if you take your time. Love the graphics and gameplay. Can't wait until official game is released.

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