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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes


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metal gear solid v

posted by prettydre (COLUMBUS, OH) Apr 21, 2014

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Who Cares How Short This Demo Is... It's Boring

posted by damianrock (DULUTH, GA) Apr 14, 2014

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And that's the real problem. We all know who Snake is and how the world is manipulated... who cares, what we want is some tactical sneaking, getting scuba gear so we can get to that secret door we passed 8 hours ago, and finding a cardboard box to hide in.

Instead we have a game that is slowly melding into everything else like it. Long boring cut scenes, long boring walks around a boring base, and the only "tactics" are sneaking behind people to choke them. You've seen it in every military game starting from 2010 up.

Metal Gear used to be an adventure game where you collected gear to use at a later location. It was military Zelda. Now it's "objective-based" tasks... or military Assassin's Creed.. which is boring. If I wanted this, I'd play Splinter Cell.

I hope I'm wrong, and that the real game has more... game. Because this is boring and done better by other games.

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another console rip off

posted by gamflyntwrthmny (ANCHORAGE, AK) Apr 13, 2014

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I thought the credits were cool when I believed that they were scrolling through at the 5%-mark of the game play... I've rented 20 Japanese games and sent 19 of them back un-played because 95% of them were junk. And, by the way, I'll be cancelling my subscription to GameFly soon because there are no more games to play! I can't believe that recently the game industry made more money than the movie industry and yet there are no games available in my queue because no one can be bothered to make a playable worthwhile game. And, by the way, I'll never buy another Sony product. It's like playing a mystery puzzle solver game to figure out why the (darned) thing won't work this time, the next time, and the time after that! Try calling their 'help' line. It's like a puzzle too! Twenty levels of telephone tree!... Oh, and how about the diminished level of service from GameFly? Want to know about the control keys? The (double hockey sticks) with ya! No simple one page explanation of the controls. Go online and find out for yourself! Why are they renting movies that I could get at a better price from my (supreme movie renting option) subscription? Because they can't find any new games to rent me! PS3 magazine went down the tubes and GameFly won't be far behind. And, I'm sorry for that. I'm a fan of renting. I'd continue to rent but not at this cost and not for so little in return.

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