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not the best metal gear

posted by iprue1975 (EAST HAVEN, CT) Sep 27, 2014

Member since Sep 2014

I found this game to be ok for a prologue. If you ask me they could have done much more with it and made it a self sustaining title all of its own. All in all i give it a 3 since the premise of it was cool but the lack of length in the main part of the game upset me.

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Quality Over Quantity

posted by orbasm (LA MIRADA, CA) Sep 7, 2014

Member since Aug 2013

This game looks beautiful, runs perfectly fine, and the new controls are a seemless transition from the older way of playing. If you say this game should have never come out, or that this is just a demo, or that it's too expensive (19.99 on PSN, for PS3, come on, you probably paid more for that terrible Scott Pilgrim game) you are NOT a fan of Metal Gear Solid, and this was not made for you. If you ARE a fan, however, there are actually a TON of easter eggs, hidden sequences, and random secrets that you can find, and this game is a great set-up for the Phantom Pain, whenever that comes out.

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posted by guillaume_71 (LONG BEACH, CA) Aug 25, 2014

Member since Dec 2013

actually I am very surprised at all of the negative press that this game has received, in light of the "short" story.. I was reluctant to even rent this game, after hearing major magazines diss it and say it "wasn't even worth my time." In essence, you just have to play it for yourself to find out what a genius Hideo is.. If you play ALL of the story modes, (there are 6 in all), you soon reallize that you are not only playing a pre-lude to what is to come in the Phantom Pain, you get to engage yourself into a really good 15 hours of game play. After getting all of the trophies, I was more than pleased with what the game had to offer. As I got better and honed my skills during the various missions, the missions became even funner when I played them on various attempts. I found myself walking around sneaking, sniping people from halfway across the map and running away to disappear while the gun fire alerted the base to an intruder. Playing cat and mouse was soo much fun.. Also I began to understand what Hideo was trying to do with this "demo/game". He wants us to appreciate the STORY and not be so concerned with a quick trial run. I still fail to understand why most gamers rush so much with games and get bored so quickly, when they can stretch their gaming experiences to dozens of hours? I just dont get it.. Even major gaming mags (GI/EGM) totally dissed this game, I actually am a little embarrassed at the short sightedness of most reviewers and gamers (sad face). Anyway, I enjoyed this immensely and this was actually a "warm up" sort of like "foreplay" to the Phantom Pain which is going to be over 200 times bigger than this game! If this is any indication on what I have experienced, I am thinking that the Phantom Pain will be upwards to over 120 or more hours! Can this be true?? One or two of the trophies were really hard(unlocking all trials/getting s rank on all missions) and the previous one should have been at least a silver due to the time I spent unlocking it

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