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Very Good

Short main mission, lots of additional content

posted by FLashM (BETHESDA, MD) Jul 24, 2014

Member since Jul 2014

- gameplay is really good, to my taste it's much better than in previous MGS games
- surprisingly enough there is lots of content there

- extremely short main missing
- same location for all missions

You're on gamefly, rent it! You can spend many hours in this game and in the worst case you just finish main mission and return it.

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GF Rating


Biggest disapointment

posted by jeryst (FALLS CREEK, PA) Jun 29, 2014

Member since Aug 2008

I've always been a Metal Gear Solid fan, and I have been waiting six years for a new title. Unfortunately, I have never been so disappointed. I know its only a single mission teaser for a coming game, but I still did not like it at all. Where are all the gadgets, like the chamo suit that blends in with your surroundings? The weapons are pitiful, the silencers break, you cant shoot out most of the lights, the AI is blatantly stupid. If this is what the coming game is going to be like, I wont miss it at all. Too bad, so sad.

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GF Rating


kiefer sutherland is not Big Boss

posted by SmilinMask (EVERETT, WA) Jun 16, 2014

Member since Feb 2010

He didn't even try to sound like Big Boss at all. Totally different intonation, tone and pacing. At least Robert Doyal managed to have these aspects right when he voiced Big Boss in MGS4. I'm not looking forward to having to listen to this lifeless voice work from Sutherland for all of MGS5.

The game is a short demo with some side missions. Think the tanker mission from MGS2 plus the extra missions from peace walker. it controls fine but the new hud makes sneaking a bit harder. it takes some practice to get used to marking guards with the binoculars before moving through the area. Losing the codex conversations removes some of the fun of watching the characters get to know each other.

Overall the technical presentation Fox engine is very good but some of the game design choices poorer then in previous MGS games. And Bosses voice is painful to listen to.

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