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Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes

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the game good

posted by richmen19 (ORANGE, TX) Mar 12, 2010

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i beat it i did not get

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Above Average

Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes

posted by zenubio (FARMINGTON, MN) Jul 29, 2008

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To fully appreciate Metal Gear Solid 4, I've decided to play through all four of the games and read up on the older ones.

The production value on this game especially for the time is fantastic. It tells a great story.

The controls and gameplay were a little wonky for me. I was prepared for the long dialog but it was really too much. There's too many pauses between sentences.

Top view camera is hard to work with. This game really breaks into the 4th dimension, don't want to spoil anything, but it does things no other game has ever done, like having to plug controllers into other ports and using resources not actually in the game to solve.

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If only there were a Gas Snake...

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Jul 26, 2007

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Hideo Kojima created a great franchise for Sony's Playstation in Metal Gear Solid. Becoming one of the finer selling points of the PS1 and PS2, MGS follows the covert ops of Solid Snake as he fights to protect basically everything from utter destruction. Now, the original Metal Gear Solid gets a remake for the Gamecube in The Twin Snakes. Silicon Knights did a good job bringing this game over to a new console. They improved on the cinematics and updated gameplay to mesh better with later installments in the series. However, this still feels like a game that came out six years prior, which is Twin Snakes' biggest problem. The story is still there: Snake infiltrates an ArmsTech installation taken over by terrorists led by his brother Liquid Snake and several other members of FOXHOUND, who have apparently gotten tired of playing by the rules and now want to make them. Along the way, betrayal, plot twists and revelations abound as Snake uncovers the truth behind ArmsTech's new military project. All of this seems fine, except that there are so many cutscenes and intercom conversations and that they last so long you'll think it's a movie instead of a game. Some of the same old control issues are present as well. Contact sensitive walls can end up being more confusing than useful. The first-person mode is nice, but just a bit to use, as your aim gets thrown wildly when you get hit with a single bullet and you cannot walk while aiming. The game isn't particularly long, although unlockable extras help. Graphics and sound probably look less impressive today than they did originally. And the biggest problem is that I've played games like SplinterCell now, which seemed to revolutionize stealth action above and beyond MGS. There are some surprising twists in the gameplay and it's fun for the six or seven hours it lasts, but this is not the best of the best. Definitely more worthwhile if you never played the original.

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