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Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes

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Best of the old, best of the new.

posted by Odinez (ANAHEIM, CA) Oct 31, 2007

Member since Dec 2004

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"Snake! Did you like my sunglasses?" If you understood that reference then you can stop reading after this paragraph The Gamecube remake looks head and shoulders better than the 32 bit stylings of the original. There's a few game play tweaks imported from Sons of Liberty; first-person shooting, leaning around corners and bandages. The best new stuff is the completely redone cut scenes, specifically the cyborg ninja stuff... ridiculous! If you've got fond memories of the original and don't have it anymore this is great. I say that because the voice acting doesn't come off as well as everything else. The entire script was re-recorded for this game. Most of the actors reprise their roles but some of the most memorable characters were replaced. I couldn't believe that the entire codec trio; Nastasha, Mei Ling and Naomi all lost their distinctive accents.

For the rest of you...

The Twin Snakes is a remake of the classic game Metal Gear Solid that was released on the PlayStation in 1998. You play as Solid Snake, a special operations soldier in the vein of James Bond, who is sent to a privately owned island where terrorists have taken hostages and are threatening a nuclear strike. As with any Metal Gear game the story gets far more complicated. The game's cut scenes have been redone for this version. They look great and have been made suitably over-the-top for our post Matrix world. The lengthy codec conversations still exist to test you patience (just use the skip button).
Most of the game is still played in a top down 3D view relying heavily on the radar to remain undetected by the patrolling enemies. Metal Gear's innovative mini-menu system makes switching weapons and items easy.

With a great cast of characters and a great story this game is still a fun experience. Check it out.

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posted by liukangx (CANAL WINCHESTER, OH) Apr 12, 2006

Member since Dec 2005

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oh my god this game really shows you the gamecube isn't a joke. just like resident evil 4 this game brings out the gamecubes true graphic capabilities. I don't think i have ever seen metal gear look so beautiful on a game, you will be playing this game over and over to see what you can do, it has some of the features metal gear solid 2 had, and just like the ps1 version when you complete the game on certain ways you unlock the stealth or the bandanna, but if you beat the game and earn both of them you get tuxedo snake, and you will have fun with the stealth because while wearing it no guards can see you, sadly the bosses can.

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Metal Gear Awesome!

posted by Maurx13 (GLENDALE, CA) Mar 22, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

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I played this game on Gamecube a few years back but I just had to replay it again on my Wii and I was glad I did. This game is a MUST PLAY for Metal Gear fans or for anyone that wants to witness a masterpiece. The story may be confusing at first, but the main points are very easily understood. The graphics, controls, and voice acting are superb as well. This game is awesome!

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