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posted by burntice61 (APPLE VALLEY, CA) Nov 8, 2011

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Im going start off by saying that this is THE best HD remake for ANY series, even God Of War. I was amazed that Kojima and Konami actually did this for 360 and did it with perfection.

Here's my Verdict:

The Good:

Value, the fact that your getting 3 gigantic games and 2 classic games that will last you for months is nothing short of pure bang for your buck.

Graphics, MGS2 and 3 look better than ever with spots that looked very spotty on PS2 that now look much smoother.(Peace Walker details on MEH)

Voice acting, sheer perfection, David Hayter(voice of Snake and Big Boss)is a VO master along with Lori Alan as The Boss.

The Stories, Hideo Kojima is some kind of storytelling genius...he just makes the most epic and crazy plots in any video game series ever. See: the ending MGS2.

The back to main menu function,(other HD remake ideas listen up) its nice to be able to go back to the main menu from any game instead of restarting the console every time you wanna play a different game!

The Meh:

Graphics, While MGS2-3 look better than ever, Peace Walker wasn't made for the PS2 but for the PSP they couldn't do too much but make the textures more High-res, which is a shame because it looks very bleak and boring in some areas.

Controls, if you are completely new to the series(first off congrats on switching to the best stealth based third person shooter)the controls might be a bit daunting and switching from a PS2 controller to a 360 controller is feels very different, but its not a turn off, just takes getting used to.

The BAD, ok Konami, whats the point of having an MGS collection WITHOUT MGS1!!! I mean new people will be confused playing MGS2! Please if you want to delve into this universe, play MGS1 before playing these.

Overall, this doesn't deserve to be rented, just the sheer amount of time you will put into this will make you want to buy it. Please BUY!

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Very Good

Cool HD remake on some classics

posted by brett83501 (LEWISTON, ID) Feb 6, 2012

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Didn't realize at first this was a remake of some of the older games. Was cool to see them in a new look. If you like Metal Gear games, or Splinter cell type sneaking around trying to hide from enimies, I recommend trying this game.

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The best collection

posted by AxcelKyo (YONKERS, NY) Jan 9, 2012

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this collection represents the true potential that is the stealth genre. These games are what we all wondered how the helll do i beat this when they first released but in overall the mechanics change in each game so just get used to it. The controls for peace walkers are superb and i have played peace walker for the psp and it seemed arthiritis would come from each mission as i had to cup my hands to shoot and run. Also this collection has a total of 100 achievements for all you achievement junkie's. If you still are not persuaded get caught by a soldier in either meatal gear solid 2 or 3 and you will understand why millions of player find the frantic noise of getting caught stressful and entertaining at the same time

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