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Just Average

posted by stringbeam1 (MOUNT PROSPECT, IL) Jul 26, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

Don't get me wrong, I am a MGS fan. It is just that not all of them are great. I'll break it up into three reviews:

MGS3- 9/10
This game is the best of the bunch. It introduces hunting and survival as Snake endures the jungle awaiting ahead. By far this is one of my favorite MGS games, with MGS1 and MGS4 on my list. The only thing that draws it back from being a 10 is the controls which take time getting used to. Other than that, this game is challenging with diverse boss battles.

MGS PeaceWalker- 7/10
This game was clearly meant for the psp. At the time it came out, it was a blast to play on my psp. Now that it has transitioned over to the PS3, it just isn't the same anymore. The graphics are descent and the illustrated cutscenes just don't amaze me anymore as it once did. Ultimately, it feels easier playing it on the PS3 with the support of the second analog stick. Furthermore, the online portion of this game is dead and the boss battles are more tedious than fun.

MGS2- 4/10
I highly recommend skipping this one. Instead, play MGS1 because it is 10 times better. The layout is the same as MGS1 but this time the graphics are somewhat better and the main character is Raiden. Instead of liking Raiden, you will develop a hatred for him. It is Konami's way of putting the average gamer in the game. In other words, it mocks you. Thus, this game offers nothing innovative and simply forces you to play as someone other than Snake, who you barely play as in the beginning. However, the theme song of the game is awesome but don't get fooled, you will simply waste your time with this one.

Overall, this collection is more of a rent than a must have. Someday it will end up in the PSN store where hopefully you can buy each game separately. In the end, if you are looking for MGS games that are different in a good way from each other, I recommend getting MGS1, MGS4, and MGS3.

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GF Rating


A good collection

posted by the_wizard (COLLINSVILLE, CT) Jan 16, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

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It's always nice to get releases of revamped old titles, especially when they come and release not just one, but three old titles in HD.

For people who don't have a PS3, the Peace Walker is a good added bonus.

These games are not the same quality as other titles graphically. They are in their old form in terms of graphics, only formatted so they can work with HD, so don't get upset when you decide to rent or buy the HD Collection just to find out none of these games are graphically up to date.

Peace Walker is the title I will be focusing on, simply because it's new to the platform of consoles. It's definitely fun, but is a lot different than other Metal Gear games.

Peace Walker, unlike the series, doesn't use cutscenes. It uses animated sketches of Metal Gear artwork. Sounds weird? It is.

The game also throws a new concept into Metal Gear, as one of the focuses is managing a base of soldiers. You can do quite a bit - you can assign soldiers jobs, send them in "battles" which are computer simulated. You can also put together a Metal Gear and send on these battles too.

The gameplay is sub par. A lot of the missions you do in Peace Walker are repetitive. The missions are also very short, and are just a filter before you get to the boss battles, which can be fun. The game itself is also a lot easier than other games from the series.

MGS2 and Snake Eater are good additions, and play exactly as their old counter parts, focusing on the mix of stealth gameplay and action, while relying heavily on cut scenes to tell a story.

It's a solid purchase and rental, and definitely worth the price if you want to buy the collection if you never played one of the games. But, if you only want to get it just to play Peace Walker, you might be better off just sticking to a rental. My rating of a 7 justifies that it's good. It isn't bad, or excellent, but good because it is simply a re-release of Metal Gear classic titles with the bonus of Peace Walker.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Disappointing on several levels

posted by Astronskas (AUBURNDALE, FL) Aug 16, 2014

Member since Sep 2008

I love Metal Gear and had high hopes for this game. It could have been awesome, but glitches and poor controls ruined it for me. Konami could have easy fixed these items, but chose to keep them. Boss battles seem next to impossible when enemies can shoot fire through walls and around corners. I cannot describe the frustration of repeating levels because the character did something stupid as a result of a poor patrol scheme. If you are a die hard Metal Gear fan then check it out otherwise find another shooter with less glitches and better controls.

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