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mgs comic !

posted by ravensnake (WEST HARTFORD, CT) Sep 7, 2006

Member since Oct 2004

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this is metal gear solid digital graphic novel this isn't a movie it is a video game but instead of controlling any characters u just collect info and connect the info to other info it does sound boring but it is time consuming ur probably thinking oh u just collect info well there's a benefit to collecting and connecting the info u will be able to get a strong understanding of the story in mgs but those of u who either played or bought the mgs comics u wouldn't need this it is a buy for those of u who didn't read the comics and didn't play the first mgs the art work is created from the outstanding artist Ashley Wood who is also working on a portable mgs game so this is a great comic there are a little movement to the art but its always fun to see the art.

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go snake go

posted by Berzacker (HUEYSVILLE, KY) Dec 3, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

I thought this was very original and neat I had played all the metal gear solid series and rented this just because I'm a huge fan and thought that this game/comic would be a unique departure from the normal gameplay. and it was by no means a waste of my time. its hard to rate this game according to the normal standards because it technically isn't a game as much as it is a in-depth Graphic novel. so I rated it on its originality and how much I enjoyed it being a avid fan of the series.

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Digital Comic.

posted by AnoyoIkari (APPLE VALLEY, MN) Jan 10, 2007

Member since Jan 2006

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The Metal Gear Solid Graphic Novel is a a comic retelling of The Metal Gear Solid game for Playstation. The comic adds small bits of extra information and events that weren't in the original game. This UMD experience is good for road trips or other boring events. This movie isn't exciting to view, it isn't an experience you will be choosing over one of the other Metal Gear "Games" on the PSP. With it being a comic, everything must be read, that's a no duh concept. However, unless your a killer fan this is a watch once and send it back. This is more of a piece of memorabilia than a solid addition to the series.

What adds a small bit of extra life to the digital comic is that most comic frames can be paused and searched for hidden items in the images. Finding these images unlocks them for digital linking in the memory database portion of the game. This part hardly makes the story more clear, infact it actually serves to frustrate and break apart the story as your stuck searching for hard hidden items, in order to make sense of the pieces you do have.

Overall I gave the movie a 7 as it's entertaining as a fan item. But truly missing a soul of it's own to make it the metal gear project it could have been.

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