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This is why PS3 is better than XBOX

posted by chargerbrett (DAYTON, OH) Oct 19, 2014

Member since Apr 2013

Hands down the best game I've played. This is the reason I have a playstation. Between the controls, the cut scenes, the weaponry, all of the above. Great overall game. Can't wait to play the 5th one!

10/10 hands down.

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A masterpiece of it's time

posted by angryarmytony (FAIR OAKS, CA) May 10, 2014

Member since Sep 2013

This is by far one of the greatest games I have ever played. Solid Snakes final mission and you will never feel that this is any different than that. So many moments where you are just beaten down to the ground making you feel the heartbreak and deep emotions in the game taking you on a stunning journey where there is no coming back. The stealth on this game is the best I have played, the enemies are on their toes and looking at every detail to try to find you making you feel the stress rising inside of you. If you are not the biggest fan of stealth then that is not a problem, take a machine gun and kill every enemy in your path (which I do not recommend but to each their own) or take the super stealth route and use non-lethal weapons to knockout enemies that are in your way and ignore the rest. Though this game tells a very well thought out and almost confusing story, it made me feel like I was watching a moving with the very long and detailed cutscenes. The cutscenes are not a problem, in fact they are well needed when telling such a complex story. The boss battles are excellent on here and each are unique and you will have to use a different strategy on each to win. Where I feel the game falls short is that there are no dialogue options or almost no meaningful moments with characters (until the very end) also the enemy AI has a few problems for instance after killing a few soldiers the rest were on high alert so I hid under a truck, while they were searching for me I was picking more and more off yet none of the enemies decided to even glance under the truck and walked away saying they were all clear after I killed 7 of their men. All and all though, MGS4 is a paramount among the stealth gaming genre and I hope to see it shine in the future. Buy this game now.

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The Series Has Aged Worse Than Snake

posted by pyrosexual (PORTLAND, OR) May 1, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

The first MGS game was one the best things to come out on the original Playstation. There's a part in this game where you play part of the first level from that game in a dream sequence and it made me realize I wished I was playing that instead. Its the only PSOne game I think I'd actually like to revisit at this point. This was ok and graphically it was definitely amazing, but through the hour plus long cut scenes, followed by half hour stretches of non-cut-scene dialogue, followed by 10 minutes of following behind some guy who doesn't notice me 3 feet behind him because I'm wearing a barrel over my head followed by another hour long cut-scene, this entry was a far cry from this series' former glory.

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