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GF Rating

Very Good

spoiler alert

posted by mrkuyukot (GRANADA HILLS, CA) Jun 20, 2008

Member since Dec 2004

The game is very good. A couple of issues are the massive amounts of cut scenes. I clocked the ending to be an hour and 15 min. Motion capture is very Japanese,(you can tell by how female characters move) not really sure if thats a bad thing. Also, as complex as the story of the whole series is, you would think that the story behind the Beauty and the Beast characters would be more interesting. Instead they had put together some typical tale of childhood trauma to cause them PTSD, though it sounds more like insanity to me. Watching some of the cut scenes gives you an idea of how Japanese soaps are like. Another thing is the controls for the very last fight w/ Liquid is just stupid. For a game that tries to sell CQC, they had done very poorly on it when it comes to the last fight.

The good parts of the game is the overall gameplay. Graphics, controls(besides the final fight w/ liquid) and sound. They didn't hold anything back on multiplayer either.

Overall, playing this game is very satisfying. Well worth the buy.

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GF Rating


Way Too Fast

posted by 0solidus (HOUSTON, TX) Jun 20, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

First off let me explain that the game is really short but the game play is exceptional because of how exciting you can go from 3rd person to 1st. Being in stealth mode most of the time is really fun. Overall i wished the game was longer but still worth to buy.

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GF Rating


Wow! Can't stop playing.

posted by cswood (CLOVER, SC) Jun 20, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

What an incredible game. As soon as you start playing you are consumed by the seamless flow of the gameplay and the eye-popping graphics. The controls are easy to use, even for first time MGS players.

I was wondered that with all the hype given to this game it was going to fall short. WELL IT DIDN'T. It was the reason I bought the PS3 and it did not disappoint.

The one problem I do have with it is that some of the cut scenes seem to drag on. But I would sacrifice that for the compelling story and great gameplay.

If you haven;t played it yet please do. It will take for PS3 experience to the highest level.

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