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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Neutral Camo

You can reset Snake's camo by shaking the sixaxis controller.

Jet Black Camo

Lie down on the windshield of a car in Act 3 to get jet black camo.

Replenish Health

Lie down and press Triangle. Snake's health will slowly regenerate.

How to beat Laughing Octopus

First, make sure you have an RPG-7--that is the most affective weapon against her. She appears when Snake goes into Naomi’s Hunters lab so she can run tests on him. Laughing Octopus will come down with two soldiers. Don’t be alarmed however because you will start out and they won't be there immediately. Equip a sub-machine gun or an assault rifle and there will be soldiers entering the lab. Shoot and kill them all. Once you’ve done that walk around until you trigger a cutscene. She will appear and that’s when you take out the RPG-7. Stand from a distance and shoot at her. She will roll into a ball and smoke will appear and she is gone. She is now hiding. That’s her favorite game. You have to find her and shoot her with the RPG-7. She will also disguise her self. For example, she will disguise herself as MK.II, Naomi, a power box, and a model skeleton. If you see any of these shoot them. Once you have defeated her there will be another cutscene. She will deattach from the tentacles then she get’s up and walks towards you. Don’t let her get to close she will try to kill you. Equip an assault rifle or sub-machine gun. She will dodge some of your shots, but keep on shooting her she'll die. After this you have beaten her you'll aquire FaceCamo and it uses the same technology as the camo you’re wearing.


You can carry over all your ammo, items, weapons, and points from a completed game. After you finish the game, save, then reload your save and start a new game. You'll get all your gear back after you encounter Metal Gear II in the first stage.

Neutral Camo

You can reset Snake's Octocamo by shaking the Sixaxis controller.

Replenish Psyche

During a cutscene when Snake's psyche goes down you can quickly and repeatedly press the X button to replenish it.

Motion Capture People

When a character is first introduced you can press R2 to view that character's motion capture person instead of the voice actor.