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My favorite MGS game! So awesome!

posted by vigilcat (SAN DIEGO, CA) Feb 6, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

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If you're not familiar with the Metal Gear Solid series, well this is a wonderful place to start (this is the game that details the beginnings of MGS's notoriously complicated and interwoven storyline.)

Consider renting MGS 1, MGS 2, MGS 4 after this one. You'll be hooked!
The premise of the game is summarized as "tactical espionage action" (it's right on the game title too). You are black ops soldier (codenamed) Naked Snake, trained by the legendary "Boss." You are sent into cold-war era Russia to (eventually) save the world from the evils of the power-hungry Volgin & his secret weapon; Metal Gear.

Enough on the story- the best part about Metal Gear games is the tactical action! You have so many different choices when trying to accomplish an objective. You can: A) Kill all opposing forces- quietly; B) Kill all opposing forces- (with the loudest, biggest guns, grenades, c-4 etc) C) Use non-lethal force (choke-hold, tranquilizer darts, knock-out). Different actions like pointing a gun at an enemy's back will make them surrender their weapon! The enemy AI is smart though so be careful!

--Option C will usually get you killed or overwhelmed by enemy soldiers. You learn, stealth & omitting conflict is often the answer to progress-- Throughout the game you will have to rely on hiding, either by hanging from railings, in lockers, under things, or blending into the environment via selecting suitable camo- it feels great to sneak up on an enemy!

This is the updated version of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, featuring some wonderful additions; notably! you can now switch out of the fixed camera angle and use the right control stick to move the camera. This simple fix over the original makes a world of difference- so far (I have yet to play MGS4) this is the only game in the MGS series that has a controllable camera.

I have to emphasize this because it just makes the game more fun- you can peak around corners better, see enemies coming, and act accordingly.

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Very Good

MGS 3 Has All The Action, Hands Down!! (almost)

posted by PlayerOne (OAKLAND, CA) May 28, 2006

Member since Nov 2005

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I have to be honest with you, I never even played any of the extras or the online game play to have fully enjoyed this game.

But I can say this: Even though this version is a little tough to play than the first 2, this time you actually get a chance to take out the guards before they can call for help.

If you remember the first 2 MSGs the 1st on if you got seen by a guard that was it.

3 seconds later everyone killed you.

In the second one, if you didn't shoot the radio 3 seconds later everyone killed you.

Even if you killed or knocked every guard up to the point.

But this time, if you take out the guards food supply, weapons storage, and every guard (even if they see you)except one, and you can practically make the last guard summit.

He'll even get a call from HQ saying that there's no one left to help and he's on his own.

I thought that was funny.

One thing I discovered I didn't like was the fact that Snake can't run for ????.

If you try to run from anyone (even if you don't have a weapon equipped) they will always catch up to you no matter what.

Which makes stealth in this game so much more important.

Not to mention that sometimes you CQC moves might not work exactly the way you want them to.

I restarted the game 10 times trying to interrogate a scientist and accidentally slit his throat every time I tried it with the exception of the last.

But those things still did bother me as much as not being able to achieve a 100% camo index.

Even in the cave stage where you can't see anything and wearing all black with black face paint you still were only 95% hidden from enemies.

I didn't think that made much sense other than to tell you there's no such thing as 100% hidden from enemies.

The story was good (a little weird at some points) and far from being confusing like MGS2.

I gave an 8 only because I have very high expectations.

Lets hope MGS 4 is just as good if not better.

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posted by fatman54 (DANVILLE, CA) Jul 13, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

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interesting twisting plot.........check
cool weapons..................- ....check
fixed camera...................- ...check
online play.....................- ..check
cool unlockables..............- ....check
challenging gameplay..............check
MGS,1,2,&3...............- .........check
perfection...............- .........check

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