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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Single Action Army revolver

Select the Single Action Army on the right during the final duel.

Duel mode high score

The best way to get a high score is to choose one weapon and kill the Boss as fast as possible. It also helps if you collect ammunition for your weapons before defeating the Boss. The shorter the time and more ammunition you carry, the higher the score. You will not lose points for damage or using your medical items.

Deflecting bullets

If you have the Single Action Army revolver and are being shot at, press R3 to twirl the gun and the bullets will not hit you.

How to beat The End

When you first start to fight him, go into one of the other two areas and not the original one you start in. Run around and roll to dodge his bullets. When he shoots at you, press Start and select "Map". One of the sniping locations will be highlighted in red to show you where he is at. This is assuming that you have uncovered the entire area. To remove the tranquilizer darts from where The End shot you, press Start and select "Cure". Select the Knife to remove the tranquilizer darts. Do this as soon as possible to avoid losing stamina.

Control title screen

Press L3 to change the background pattern. Press R1 or R2 to control its speed. Press L1 or L2 to change the color of Snake and the soldier. Press R3 to change the screen's color. Press Triangle to turn the background black.

Control Snake Eater music video

Press L3 if you want to change the text language. Press R1 to have the singer say "Snake Eater". Move the Left Analog-stick to control the snakes.

Sneaking suit camouflage

When you return to Grazni Grad for the second time, go upstairs in the East Wing. Find the locker you stuffed the Major into. It looks slightly different than the others (has red markings). Inside is the Russian Prototype for the sneaking suit. It will cut the damage you take in half and reduce stamina loss.

Spirit camouflage

Walk all the way to the end during The Sorrow fight. In the dream sequence where you face The Sorrow (at the stream with lightning and ghosts), walk all the way forward until you see The Sorrow's ghost hovering over his skeleton. Let him kill you while standing over his skeleton then press R2 when the screen reads "Game Over- Time Paradox" to access the Revival Pill. If done correctly you should now have The Sorrow's Camouflage in your uniforms. The camouflage's special abilities eliminate all footstep noises from you. You can also drain enemy stamina in CQC holds and add it to your own.


he Scorpion is a SMG. It can be found on the first floor of East Wing (with scientists running around). There is a locked room. It has doors on either the main lobby side, or the small hallway along the back heading towards the bathroom. The doors will only open for guards or scientists. Either sneak in behind one, or kill/tranq/knock out one and drag him up to the door. Inside you will find some ammunition and the Scorpion.