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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater


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Nostalgia Eater

posted by CaptMagnifico (THORNTON, CO) May 25, 2014

Member since Aug 2011

Hi everybody! I finally got around to playing Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater and I have to say this had become my favorite Metal Gear game pretty quick. Take a survival game and mix it with Metal Gear and the creation you get is this wonderful game.

The story is the origins of Big Boss or Snake or Jack or John. The man of a million names. You get to see him get beaten,shot,thrown off cliffs, and burned. This was Murphy's law in good affect, whatever horrible thing could happen to him did. The game has you tracking down a scientist who is the Monopoly man, but a completely annoying version of him. While doing that you must take down a Russian Colonel and your old mentor The Boss. The story gets a little weird I am not going to lie but the story between The Boss and Snake is one of the best Protagonist, Antagonist back and forths even to games in this day an age. The ending does drag on a bit which after you beat this game you just don't want them to explain everything that they had 12 hours to do.

The gameplay is going to be hard for new comers to get into. I know I say I just got around to playing this one which is true. I did however play the first two Metal Gears so I was used to the way the game plays. This is a stealth game folks so be stealthy or be sorry there is no run and gun. The shooting controls will be awkward for newcomers but you all fine folks should pick it up pretty quick.

In the end of it all this is a fine game that in my opinion can still hold up today. It is a PS2 classic that I can recommend to all. So rent the HD pack it is amazingly fun for all. This game is something you can use to buff up your gamer cred immensely.

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MGS at its finest.

posted by JWIZZLE (RICHLANDS, NC) Aug 8, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

This is without a doubt one of the if not the greatest MGS game of all time. MGS 3 makes you think about every move you make from killing for food to killing your enemies. The boss battles are phenomenal graphics are excellent, story-line is great, if you've never played this game SHAME ON YOU!! This is not just a must rent, but a MUST OWN!!

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Metal Gear 3: Snake Eaters

posted by stevekh (BOISE, ID) Feb 9, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

As with Metal Gear 2: Sons of Liberty, I would click on the start button and then click new game and the game would revert back to "click on the start button". I could never get it to load.

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