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Metal Gear NOT So Solid

posted by ThreePop (ENCINO, CA) Apr 3, 2007

Member since Oct 2005

I'm only giving this game a 6 rating because so much excellent work went into the cinematics in this game. They are vast and sweeping and tell a massive story. The audio is among the best I've ever heard in a game.

On the down side, the controls are klunky and hard to learn, the music is wallpaper and in many cases inappropriate, and most of all the pace is S-L-O-W, even for a stealth game. I usually give big action titles at least four hours to grab my attention and this one didn't do it. The camera in this game is especially annoying given that almost all other action titles allow you to see what the toon sees as a default. Here, you're hovering overhead, never really getting a clear stance on what exactly you're shooting at or running away from. The first-person perspective in prone position is cool and would have worked better as a game-wide thing.

I was bored stiff after one night and put this one away. The boss battles are nice, but that's about it. It was obvious that the designers were trying to put a very shiny new coat of paint on an old game engine.

And get some better music! The weird jazzy "death" music and oh-so-expected quasi-Monday Night Football action tracks were a snore. How many times can Media Ventures rewrite The Rock and still get paid for it?

Stick to RE4 or Painkiller for non-stop action. This title is just so-so.

Off to GoW II!

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david hatyer is the best voice for snake

posted by zeldakix17 (RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA) Mar 9, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

this game is very well done eva is sexy and the game is smooth and I also like catching monkeys the other cool thing is if you had A internet connection you can download A bunch of cool camo and other things plus you can do muti player over the internet and best part it's FREE!!!! the only downside is the camera it moves to other places you don't wan't it to and it drives me nuts when it's A "over head cam" and then changes to 1st person to aim the best thing of it is you can equip A snake (posin snake) and thorw it at A solger and he will attack the snake expect once he kills it 1 min latter he's dead. so it's not A RENT BUT A BUY:)

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Metal Gear Solid 3 lives up to it's legacy.

posted by Necro260 (ANGIER, NC) Feb 12, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

A fantastic game, the perfect stealth:action ratio. The new camouflage feature is great. Loads of weapons from tranquilizers, to rpg's, to shotguns, to sniper rifles. Some funny codec conversations. The new interrogation command the you grab someone is nice too. Just an all around great game, so good I bought it twice. I just hope the fourth will live up to it's name too.

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