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Funny but stupid talk

When you get the box where you meet eva put on the box and call sigint then he'll start to say stuff to you.

Funny trick with eva

when your with eva grab her and try interagate her with your knife and she'll start saying stuff hold R3 down and she'll say other funny things

How to Kill Gavial crocodile

When a Gavial opens its mouth to yawn, throw a grenade in and watch as it blows up into little pieces. Pick them all up for rations.


New is the use of camouflage to blend in better with the environment. By pressing the Start button and going into the camouflage menu, you will be able to change the face paint as well as your clothes. Depending on where Snake is at the moment the camouflage will have a certain percentage helping you hide. A more negative number makes you more visible to the enemy and vice versa for a positive number.

Instant kill

To bring down an enemy quick manually aim at the enemies head and shoot. This well normally take down a soldier in one shot. If it doesn't it well die probably with the next shot. REMEMBER: This only works with humanoids.

Hidden ending text

After dying, remain idle at the "Game Over" screen. The letters will change until the words "Time Paradox" appears. -This also happens if Eva, Revolver Ocelot, or Sokolov dies.

Slower stamina loss

Select the "I liked MGS" option when starting the game.

Snow face paint

When you get to Balshaya Past Base, go to the south. There should be a turret. To the left of the turret is a tunnel. Go into the tunnel. Under the first wooden bridge, there will be the Snow Face Paint.

Zombie face paint

The Zombie Face Paint is located in Rassvet. It is behind the building where you meet Sokolov and EVA, and next to the two barrels. REMEMBER: It can only be found while in Operation Snake Eater.

Cancel alert radio

Tune to 144.40 on your radio to cancel Alert mode. REMEMBER: This can only be done one time. During alert mode, grab a guard and interrogate him. He will give you a radio frequency number. Call it and the alert will go away. REMEMBER: The number changes. The following is a list of some of the "Cancel alert" frequencies: 149.46 140.61 141.45 146.67 141.98 142.79

How to kill Volgin without being hit

First, at the beginning of the battle, un-equip you gun and walk straight to him. Throw him to the ground and make your first shot. He will then absorb energy and while doing so, go behind him and shoot. He will try and discharge electrical voltages at you. Step in front of him at a considerable distance. When you see that he is ready to fire prepare your self and wait for him to make the first move. As he shoots at you, run behind him and grab him by the neck, do not shake him. For those doing this trick for the first time, you will get hit, but not that much. Once you have him by the neck, release him and shoot him from the back as much as he lets you. You'll have to be quick at the trigger. I recommend using the tranquillizer. Notice how the energy bar is split into 4 blocks. I would try and bring it down only to a three block bar before doing this trick. Somehow, by grabbing him by the neck and then gently releasing him, you be able to shoot at his back for several seconds. Remember, weakening him with a few shots will let you perform this technique better. It works on any difficulty level.