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Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance


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Metal Gear Solid 2:Substance- My thoughts

posted by StingRay (TRAVERSE CITY, MI) Aug 30, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

MGS 2 was a great game no doubt about it! The game is basically a bigger version of the original Metal Gear Solid 2:Sons Of Liberty. There is a funny skateboarding minigame in it you can try if your a X-treme Sports game fan.Instead of Metal Gear REX, from the first game, You get Metal Gear RAY. The one thing i thought was disappointing about this game, was the main character was'nt Solid Snake, even so, you only get 2 Guns. A Beretta M9 LaserSight Tranquilizer, And a USP LaserSight Pistol.The Main character is a man codenamed Raiden. I rate this game a 9/10. If it was'nt for that one problem, MGS 2 would have been a solid 10/10 title.If anyone is a fan of Action/Adventure titles, Metal Gear Solid 2:Substance is a absoulute one you should try.

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PS2 Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

posted by Fuuton (YAKIMA, WA) Jul 31, 2009

Member since Jun 2009

This game is GREAT!!!

The characters, the storyline, and the game play are all awesome. Cool weapons too. The camera is a little weird though. The controls are kinda different from many action games.

9.5 out of 10

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Not the best MGS, but still great!

posted by Sleezebag (DELAWARE, OH) Mar 16, 2009

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This is probably the MGS with the most history in terms of the series' story as a whole. This is where we meet the third and perfect clone of Big Boss, we learn of the Patriots, meet Raiden, meet Liquid Ocelt and the list goes on and on. On another note, I did not play the game in order like most. I played MGS4 first, MGS1 2nd, MGS3 3rd, and MGS2 second so in comparison to the rest, MGS2 is probably the least fun after MGS1. This is mainly due in part to its trial and error gameplay and also Raiden. I couldnt stand Raiden in MGS2. He acts so gullible and innocent like a kid. Its like c'mon, your so Bad A S, S in MGS4! Really if u played mGS3, MGS2 is not much diff, other than the radar which is more similar to MGS1. Really MGS2 is still a sneaking game in essence, but in MGS3 and MGS4, the sneaking is much more realistic. Not based on the glowing lights emmited from an enemy on the radar. Somtimes you can be standing just outside of an enemies range and they wont see you, but in reality you'd be spotted in a second. ALso the gunplay feels a bit sloppy and moves very odd. This is due to an autolock feature that seems to take hold at the worst of times. Especially during a sniping part toward the end of the game. The story is still fantastic, the Animation and graphics are smooth. For any MGS fan out there, this is still a great game. If I'd recommend any of the MGS titles, MGS2 would be right behind 3 and 4.

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