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Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Collecting claymore mines

Get near claymore mines, then get into a prone position over them. The claymores will be placed into your inventory.

Bug splatter

In the Shell 2, B1 after retrieving Emma, go to the elevator. Plant a C4 in the middle of the bugs crawling around on the floor. Walk a short distance away and enter first person view. Detonate the C4. If done correctly, bugs should splatter all over Raiden's face.

Masked Snake

When Emma is crossing the oil fence, look with your PSG-1 sniper rifle. Snake will have a green mask on his face.

Emma and Snake's funny comments

When Emma is walking on the oil fence and Snake is in his sniper position, take your Directional Mic and point it at both of them.

Knock out guard with cigarette

Have Snake or Raiden put a cigarette in his mouth. Then, hold up an enemy and move as close as possible to him. He will start to cough. After he coughs about four or five times, he will fall and become stunned.

More air and grip

To make your O2 or GRIP gauge decrease slower, make sure you have full health. Use Rations to restore your health if needed.

Control intermission sequences

Similar to the Codec transmissions, you can also push L1 or R1 to zoom in during an intermission. The more you push this button, the more you will zoom. If done correctly you will hear a gunshot. While pressing and holding the button, use the Right Analog-stick to move the view. You will be able to use the zoom feature with these as well, and the onscreen distance or zoom indicators will increase realistically the more you zoom in. You can do this when the game starts, before pushing Start.

Control title screen

Push L2 to hear a gunshot and see a flash at the title screen. Use the Right Analog-stick at the title screen to change the background color.

Control codec sequences

Push the L1 or R1 to move the faces. Push L1 for a negative response.. Push R1 for positive responses.

Avoiding alert mode

If a patrolling guard sees you, you must run into a room where the screen goes black and tells you where you are. If done correctly the game won't go into alert mode, evasion mode, or caution mode.

Automatic rations

Equip a ration icon. When your life reaches zero, the ration will automatically restore part of your life so you do not have to.