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Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance


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Also on:PS2
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Gameplay Controls

Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

Directional Pad Move
Left Thumbstick Move/When clicked in - View/Switch first person view/Zoom camera during cinematics
Right Thumbstick Corner view
A Button Crawl/Confirmation/Enter
B Button Punch/Knock/Cancel
X Button Use weapon/Throw/Choke
Y Button Lock-on (when weapon is equipped)/Action (open door, locker, hatch etc...)/Hold Emma's hand
Left Trigger Select/Equip items
Right Trigger Select/Equip weapons
Start Pause/Display Map (Big Shell Chapter)
Back Enter Codec Mode
Combo #1 Diving Sommersault: Press A Button while running
Combo #2 Flattening against a wall: Face a wall, pull and hold Left Thumbstick
Combo #3 Make a noise: While flattened against a wall, press B Button
Combo #4 Choking: With no weapon equipped, sneak behind an enemy and press the X Button while Left Thumbstick is in neutral. Once enemy is gripped, you may move enemy if X Button remains pressed.
Combo #5 Throwing enemy: With no weapon equipped, hold down Left Thumbstick and press X Button

Directional Pad Look around (when left thumbstick is clicked in)
Left Thumbstick Look around (when left thumbstick is clicked in)
Left Trigger Peek
Right Trigger Peek

Left Thumbstick Move, Change direction
A Button Quick stop (press near the bottom to stand)
B Button Dive, Swim (tap repeatedly to swim faster, hold to swim slowly)
Y Button Hold breath

Right Thumbstick Slash/Swing/Rotating cut (full circle)/Thrust (hold)
X Button Blunt strike
Y Button Defend