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Snake? Snake? Can you hear me now, Snake?

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Jan 12, 2009

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Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance takes Sons of Liberty, adds some stuff and slaps it on the Xbox. That might be over-simplified, but it's also true.
It's a shame that in translating Sons of Liberty to the Xbox, the team at Konami didn't improve the controls and interface. Sure, the game is graphically profuse, has great presentation value and cutscenes that (while incredibly long) are really cool. But, when you get to the gameplay, so much of it seems counter-intuitive. For instance, let's say you want to shoot in first-person perspective. First, you pull down a list of weapons and select your gun, then you run to a position where you can fire, click the control stick to enter first-person mode, aim and fire. Of course, some weapons automatically enter first-person and have to be unequipped in order for you to move. Your aiming controls are very sensitive, so setting up shots in time to hit your enemy becomes harder than the enemy himself. The inability to move and fire at the same time is a little detail that causes big problems.
Or how about movement, move close to a wall and you hug it. You can circle your analog stick to get a view, but placing it back at neutral immediately takes you off the wall, becoming a liability for stealth tactics.
One other design decision that frustrated many the first time around, you'll play Snake for the relatively short Tanker mission, but the main Plant mission forces you to play as Raiden. So, if you're not a fan of the metro sexual ninja, you'll feel deflated quickly.
Substance doesn't skimp on content though. In addition to the entire Sons of Liberty game, you get alternate and VR missions so numerous that it's almost another game.
Many players will enjoy the story and series. But as far as gameplay goes, I found the stealth and action elements in the SplinterCell series far more enjoyable. The gameplay in Substance is extensive but too rough by modern standards.

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almost perfect

posted by guitarman (COLWICH, KS) May 31, 2006

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this whole serious has to be one of the best VG's have to offer. supurb voice acting from everyone(especialy david hayter(snake)cam clarke(liquid) and phil la mar(vamp) ). the whole serious basicly reminds me of tom clancey meets the matrix. everything about this game is great, although the ending left me a little confused

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does it work on 360

posted by Chris0 (HEMET, CA) Apr 27, 2008

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