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Above Average

Raiden's Bizarre Adventure..

posted by S4mWitch (CLEVELAND, OH) Mar 17, 2013

Member since Jan 2011

Blade Mode is sweet. I actually just cut a dude's face off like carving a turkey.. Never done that in a game before.. Platinum hasn't really seemed to improve as a developer that much, though, and decent combat is just about all this game has going for it.
The story should have been scrapped, along with the horrible script. It is so tired, and mind numbingly stupid, that I could really only get through a hand full of the cutscenes all the way through. Absolutely the most uninspired dialogue you will ever hear in a high profile game.. Why even try if it turns out this awful? There are too many quick time events too. They are confusing and uninspired. If i'm going to just hold up and R trigger during a sequence, just show me a cutscene. These segments don't feel exciting at all, even though they have you doing extreme stunts.
The gameplay has a typical "Japanese feel". Very stiff controls, awful camera, and totally emotionless. It is very hard to take this game seriously, yet the writers try so hard to make you believe that this nonsense of a story is actually happening. For me, though, there wasn't any part of this game that made me feel attached to the characters or engaged in the story.
Its a decent title to swing through, but it still lacks the polish and gameplay flow of Ninja Gaiden 2, which for me is the most obvious comparison. The clunkiness of the camera and overall combat pale in comparison to a game that is 6 years old. This game really feels like an unnecessary extension of not only the metal gear franchise, but also of Platinum's supposed talents. I think they're talent lies mainly in the epileptic seizure inducing field. Hopefully Bayonetta 2 is a better game.

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Fission Mailed Hideo Fission Mailed

posted by Jazzwolf (BROCKTON, MA) Mar 16, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

I have loved all four of the MGS games, and unfortunately had high hoped for this too. This was a major let down, yes its not your tactical sneaking mission we all know and love, and I knew that going into the game, I was thralled when I was unable to pass the first "boss" in the game due to its impossibly hard battle. Maybe I suck at gaming, but I highly doubt it. If Hideo had died, and was in a grave, hed be turning in it right now. F-

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Above Average

not the typical MG

posted by ThatGamerCraig (LOS ANGELES, CA) Mar 16, 2013

Member since Oct 2012

The game was fun, interesting, visually stimulating with a lot of ridiculous sword combos and parkour. Way too repetitive. A lot of the boss fights were pretty epic like most of the old Metal Gear games.
However Revengeance is not like the classical MG where one sneaks around and wreaks havoc. This time the gamer is Raiden (a bad a(ss) character the gamer always gets to see in the old MGs but never play as) runs around and about wreaking havoc. Seriously the entire game could probably be beat sprinting around and merely slashing.

The game is worth the rent, not sure about the buy. It's not really like the classic Metal Gear but still a good action game. The maps are expansive, the AI are challenging at times, and the plot is alright. The SNEAK ability in the game is very poorly thought out, very disappointing that sneaking is basically eliminated throughout the entire game.
Only issues.. I wanted to be able to customize Raiden's armor, more combo moves, more weapons, more weapons, and, oh yea, more weapons.

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