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Metal Gear Fading

posted by FateUnbound (TULARE, CA) Feb 25, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

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Well, the good news is the combat is decent. However, the dialogue is incredibly, almost unbelievably, weak. I felt really let down when it came to the story, something Metal Gear had always managed to deliver with an extreme measure of epicness. Sadly, the dialogue just feels rushed and downright corny. Even some of the pre-rendered cinematics seem to have been rushed, certainly not appearing to use the potential the Xbox 360 offers. Also, when watching characters jump around off of rocks, buildings, and any other random solid object, the characters do not feel at all like they are even really landing or have something to jump off of again. Which surprised me since the physics in the combat system seem to be pretty spot on. Lastly, since the combat system is the only great thing about the game, yet is incredibly repetitive, expect to get bored as soon as you beat the game the first time. (As soon as you learn to block decently, no boss fights are going to feel epic except for maybe the very last.) Yet in order to get all of the achievements, you have to play through the game multiple times without getting to keep what you earned for yourself in previous playthroughs. I expected a LOT more from this game and was let down tremendously. I give this game a possibly generous 4/10.

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Better then this Jockey expected.

posted by Snuggletron (SANDPOINT, ID) Jun 25, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

Was not able to beat Samual for his .01% remaining life after missing the combo meter. action for whole game was better then other rentals and the man raiden is a Solid cyborg.

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Excellent game.

posted by sorrowWound (YORK, SC) Apr 23, 2014

Member since Apr 2012

When I first heard of this game, it's non-stealth concept and the protagonist choice my first thoughts were, "This is going to suck." I've never been happier to announce how wrong I was. I was never a big fan of Raiden in MGS2/4 but I grew to love him in this game. The story is a bit confusing at first and I believe could have had a bit more work done to it, but otherwise its enjoyable. As always, the Metal Gear franchise produces the greatest set of villains in video game history. My favorites are Psycho Mantis, Vamp, The Sorrow and now Jetstream Sam joins their epic collaboration. The action/gameplay is great. The Blade Wolf and Jetstream DLC's is reason enough to buy this game, let alone rent. I recommend this for any action fan and of course any fan of the Metal Gear franchise.

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