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Very Good

"I am lightning, the rain transformed."

posted by burntice61 (APPLE VALLEY, CA) Feb 19, 2013

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Member since Apr 2010

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Raiden, we had fun in MGS 2 but we didn't get to utilize your incredible cyborg transformation...until now. Now for newcomers, this is purely an incredibly fun action game, as for us fans of MGS its a little something to hold us over till Ground Zeroes comes out. Which can be a bit disappointing if you're craving that MGS gameplay, but storywise? Absolutely. Here's Raiden's first(full) game, and here's my verdict:

The Good:

Bloody good show chaps- The action, alone, steals the show in this game, it doesn't let up, even when the cut scenes hit, you need to be ready to spring into action. Nonstop fun.

Blade mode- At first feeling like you are an unstoppable beast, later turns into the only way to defeat enemies efficiently. Blade mode basically switches the game into slo-mo and then you use the right stick to slice your enemy any way you like, if you think it sounds cool, just wait till you start slicing watermelons and trees.

Story- If you aren't familiar with the MGS plot, don't worry, you can skip the story entirely and have a great time, but if you are a fan, pay attention. Just like MGS, the story is insane, you gotta keep up with it to understand whats going on. If you blink, you miss everything.

The MEH-

DmC clone?- No, just wanted to make that clear. But it takes some of what makes DmC great and puts them in nicely, but its not Metal Gear that we know and love, which might turn some fans off.

The BAD-

A little short- Took me the whole night to beat the Campaign, while wanting to play it again and again, i wanted a broader game like MGS.

So overall, its an incredibly fun but short experience that doesn't necessarily cater only to Metal Gear fans, everyone should have fun with Raiden and Blade Mode, its a RENT.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Doesn't quite rise to the occasion

posted by BrokeGamer (NASHVILLE, TN) Apr 29, 2014

Member since Nov 2010

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I can't say that I didn't enjoy this game at all, because I did. Most of the combat for most of the game was fun. However, as the game got further to the end, the camera became increasingly problematic, often times swinging towards a random wall instead of at the enemy you are allegedly locked onto. Compounding this problem is the fact that Raiden will sometimes attack an enemy nowhere near where you are facing. Also, the parry system is TERRIBLE. Whoever thought that jamming forward + attack was a good idea needs to be slapped. Why they just didn't go with a dedicated parry button is beyond me, because what they have instead is so inferior it's laughable. Also, Raiden can't dodge. He's a ninja, and he can't dodge. He back-flips and twists around plenty during cut-scenes, but when you control him, there is no dodge button. Seriously? Worst ninja ever. These problems really made me sad, because they are easily remedied and hinder you from feeling like a ninja. There are moments where you do feel awesome, but then there are plenty of moments where you see that they want you to feel awesome, but all these problems end up making you feel like a scrub. Other minor issues: the game is short, less that 6 hours; some of the voice actors are god awful; the unlockable weapons and items are useless. Bottom line, I don't understand why Hideo let this game out of the gates like this, and I don't know how Platinum Games managed to mess this up considering how great Bayonetta was. Metal Gear Rising is worth a brief rental if you're a diehard Metal Gear fan and want to keep up with the story, otherwise get your revengeance elsewhere.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Raiden is a boss

posted by juicedaman (NORTHBOROUGH, MA) Mar 19, 2013

Member since Apr 2007

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Metal Gear Rising is an innovative entry into the longstanding series, where Raiden, the hack and slashing alternative to Snake, fights for what he believes in no matter what the cost. The combat is addicting, once you start to understand the parrying mechanics. The story is also intriguing, but where the game falls short is its lack of variety throughout the game. The enemies don't change, and the bosses get recycled multiple times. That being said, it is a fun game, but not anything we haven't seen before.


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