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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance


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just plain didnt like it

posted by jay222 (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Mar 10, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

i played it for two hrs and lost interest..its just not my type of game..the gameplay sucks..dont like the combat system and its hard to excute moves..than the camera angles suck..and when u die as with all metal gear games..u hear the guy screaming..raiden raiden raiden..are u dead..smh..annoying..i sent it back to gamefly the same day i got it..not worth it..glad i never brought the game..why i love gamefly..u can rent before u buy.

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Not impressed

posted by RavenSword (CARLSBAD, NM) Mar 9, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

beyond the graphics was a mediocre hack and slash. Only being able to parry and having a lack of a standard dodge really put me over the edge of sending it back unfinished.

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Above Average

Is This a PS2 Game?

posted by welfarefalcon83 (MARYVILLE, TN) Mar 8, 2013

Member since Feb 2012

Ok,I've played almost all of the MGS games,& I've been a fan of the series (It got old after a while to be honest),and this spin off was a highly anticipated game for me...But,after playing about halfway through it,I'm not very impressed.

Was this game rushed? It just does not feel complete. It's Devil May Cry mixed with elements of the MGS series.The camera changes randomly during combat & makes fighting so much harder than it should be.

The graphics really aren't that great either..All in all this game feels like it could have been an early PS3 release,or a PS2 release.Not because of the graphics,but because of the gameplay.Plus,the campaign is about 6 hours long. It's not worth a buy at all.Gamefly is the savior when it comes to games like this.

Rent it,beat it in a few days,send it back.No regret of dropping $60 for a game that you won't get any replay value out of.

I feel like this game was rushed,the story isn't that great,and the gameplay really isn't that fun.

All in all,it's an okay game.Not good,definitely not great,but just okay. If you have no other game to play at the moment & you need to kill a few days of gaming time,this is perfect for that.

But,in about a month or so,no one will be talking about this game. It's a shame that a game that was so hyped up ended up being a major disappointment.

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