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Above Average

Metal Gear Rising Blood Pressure

posted by Izzy_Duzit (MIAMI SPRINGS, FL) Apr 4, 2013

Member since Sep 2012

Graphics: They are pretty solid, and the design of the characters are nice and detailed. Though one can argue that the graphics from Metal Gear Solid 4 (MGS4) are a little better.

Controls: There are a lot of different control actions to utilize. Basic functions such as running, jumping, attacking are straightforward. However advanced actions such as parrying and "blade mode" are often conflicting and counter-intuitive. Moreover, the camera angles are sketchy at times and can be a liability when there are nearby enemies.

Story: Since this game is essentially a spin-off the Metal Gear series, it's not entirely necessary to have previous knowledge of the stories/plots from the previous games to understand this game's storyline. Though it does help a decent amount if one has played at least MGS4. The game focuses on a different protagonist but popular character in the series, Raiden, a cyborg ninja. The game essentially follows his attempt to thwart a plan by a group of men who intend to start a war to jumpstart the "war economy" which thrived in the previous titles.

Gameplay: This game is a 3rd person hack & slash with some stealth mechanics but not with nearly as much emphasis as MGS4. It features a lot of close-quarter combat against various enemies (including bosses) where each may require a certain tactic to defeat. You're capable of executing different attack combinations. The game features destructible environments, a score rank system, and battle point currency. This can be used to purchase upgrades as you progress in the game. Story mode consists of 7 chapters and is roughly 8-12 hrs long. There are unlockable VR side missions that can earn you more BP. There are several boss fights & are harder than they should be.

Overall, this game can be fun and has the right idea but can often times be a frustrating experience; particularly with the boss fights. The final boss is stupid-hard & sucks the life out the game. Quitting was the only option.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

It's ok

posted by usafman (SHAW AFB, SC) Apr 3, 2013

Member since Jul 2010

Hate to say it, as I've loved the entire MG series from the start but this is probably the worst game in the series for me. It seems like a pointless button masher compared to the previous games which you had to plan your moves in advance and on the fly. Camera angles are bad in a lot of spots too though I can name a couple other MG games like that. Worth the rent on Gamefly for MG series fans but wouldn't waste the money buying it.

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GF Rating


Awful, just awful.

posted by cykow0rm (HEBRON, IN) Apr 3, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

I baught (yes baught) this game when it first came out. Terrible mistake. Took it back the next day and baught borderlands 2.
First off, its so repetitive and predictable. You basically just run through the game doing the same mindless garbage over and over again.
To me graphics arent everything, the graphics were decent, but the storyline.. THE STORYLINE! WAS HORRIBLE! HORRRRIIBBBLLLLEEE! This story sucked so bad. After i beat it, i just sat there and thought to myself... "Really? that was a Metal Gear game??" The characters and bosses was just a poor effort to quickly pass off a game with the name "Metal Gear" just to get it to sell. This game does not deserve to be called Metal Gear. I have beat every Metal Gear, multiple times, I have always loved the games. I can still play the first one and love every second of it. I beat this game once, in just under 4 hours... my first time playing it... 4 hours.... thats sad.... I didnt think they made games that short anymore!!
If you like just mindlessly running through a game and slicing things with swords.. this game is all you, but if your looking for it to be anything like the previous Metal Gear's and played the games mainly for the stealth action and the storyline.... don't waste your time, you WILL be dissapointed.

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